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R1SE – The Pink Second(粉色闪电)

Single Name: “The Pink Second”(粉色闪电)
Singer: R1SE
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date: Jun.12, 2020
Label: Tencent
Lyricist: Jiao Dong
Original Lyricist: Jay Hong/Monster No 9/Spacecowboy/Voradory/Zeenan/CROQ
Composer: Jay Hong/Monster No 9/Spacecowboy/Voradory/Zeenan/CROQ
Arranger: Justin Reinstein
The transformation from little boy to the big boy, from teenage spring to throbbing summer, is a story you may find hard to forget.


The pink color makes the eyes of the ignorant boy sparkle with bright spots, the time when he purposely plays it cool and doesn’t want to talk about it is like the eager cicadas tapping on his heart.

The first realization of “love” is often just a moment of eternal beauty, but that moment is a record of the “maturing” of the teenagers a pink mark, burned on the pounding heart.

It’s a good idea to listen to the youngsters sing their hearts out to each and every one of the “her” that wakes up the summer.

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