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Money and Love – Cao Yunjin, Zhou Zhi, Wu Xin

Money and Love is a romantic comedy film directed by Sun Hongkai, starring Cao Yunjin, Zhou Zhi, Du Haitao, Wu Xin, Jacky Wu, Chen Xiaodong, Jiang Chao, Su Xing, Sun Jian, Zhang Yuxi, Wan Guopeng, and Sun Yaoqi.

Through seven love stories, the film recreates in a joyful way the different classes of love that happen around people.


Money and Love

English Title: Money and Love
Chinese Title: 恭喜发财之谈钱说爱
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Duration: 90 min.
Director: Sun Hongkai
Writer: Sun Hongkai, Wan Rong
Producer: Wan Rong
Released Date: 2016-02-19
Boradcast Website: -



An IT nerd who got his first financing in life wanted to give his beloved a perfect proposal, but was mistaken by his girlfriend for cheating, leading to a scene of catching adultery in public;

A secret love in the office began to become ambiguous at a party full of alcohol and hormones. After the two women and one man were drunk, the "friction" sparked by them made their colleagues stunned;

In the love concept of a bra designer, she believes that in order to capture a man's heart, she needs novelty and excitement. The romantic life is just like those bras that can change from B to D when worn, full of magical power;

A rich girl who returned from overseas found a fake foreign boyfriend to cope with her father's urging to get married, but all of this was revealed under her father's various bizarre tests;

A Beijing youth who dreams of becoming a big star is only a small singer supported by "bar girls" with few fans in reality. The friendship and love around him are unknown who is true and who is false;

A couple who work in a big city, with a girlfriend who loves designer bags and is picky, have gone through the test of life, but still do not leave their honest and simple boyfriend;

An art youth who has been striving for many years has made works that no one can understand, and finally, the helpful person who appears in his life is unexpectedly a pure goddess worth billions;

In the mysterious power, these people are connected together.


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