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If We Were Lucky – Xu Ruohan, Zhang Kaitai

If We Were Lucky is a romantic film directed by Zheng Laizhi and A Meng, led by Xu Ruohan and Zhang Kaitai, co-starring Qin Fen, Liu Nian, Li Liqun, Fan Ming, Clara LeeNiu Li, Liang Chao, Sun Zijun, and Zhao Yixiao.


If We Were Lucky

English Title: If We Were Lucky
Chinese Title: 不要走散好不好
Other Titles: 她他蜜, 可惜我们没如果, She His Honey
Genre: Youth, Romance, Drama
Duration: 99 min.
Director: Zheng Laizhi and A Meng
Producer: Ouyang Hongle, Zhi Donghui
Released Date: 2023-12-01
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Walking with you until the end is my greatest wish. Easygoing Xia Mo and gentle Chu Qiu witness the beautiful and youthful days of each other, accompanying one another through many unforgettable moments.

They share the tacit understanding of childhood sweethearts and the courage to resist reality. His love is passionate, and her affection is unwavering.

Perhaps the path of true love is not always smooth; misunderstandings and missed opportunities once led these two people in love to the brink of separation. But for the right person, how could they ever truly drift apart?


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