2022 Chinese Drama List

Dating in the Kitchen – Lin Yushen, Zhao Lusi

Dating in the Kitchen is an urban romantic drama directed by Chen Chang, led by Lin Yushen and Zhao Lusi, and co-starring Zhang Xiaoqian, Yu Xinhe, and Fu Jia.

The drama is adapted from Lan Bai Se’s novel “Zhong Yu Deng Dao Ni”, which tells the story of Lu Jin, a snarky foodie president, and Gu Shengnan, a female chef. They finally fall in love and reap the benefits of happiness under the dual magic of food and love.


Dating in the Kitchen

English Title: Dating in the Kitchen
Chinese Title: 我,喜欢你, 终于等到你
Genre: Urban, Romance
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Chen Chang
Writer: Zhao Xiaolei, Li Tian, Wu Zhongquan
Producer: Zhang Na
Broadcasting Website: WeTV, Viki
Released Date: September 15, 2020


Lin Yushen Lin Yushen as Lu Jin
Zhao Lusi Zhao Lusi as Gu Shengnan
Zhang Xiaoqian Zhang Xiaoqian as Meng Xinjie
Yu Xinhe Yu Xinhe as Xu Zhaodi
Fu Jia Fu Jia as Cheng Ziqian
Wu Yaheng Wu Yaheng as Gao Quan’an
Li Qian Li Qian as Li Man
Yu Xiang Yu Xiang as Lu Zheng


The most unbelievable thing in the life of the girl Gu Shengnan is when she was suffering a double hit of break-up and unemployment, waiting for the prince to come to rescue her on a white horse, she met Lu Jin.

But who would have thought that this prince is a tricky and picky, snarky and arrogant, upgraded version of “Monk”, but this “Monk” is not vegetarian!

The arrogant foodie Lu Jin had a lot of conflicts with the talented chef Gu Shengnan after they met, but he was always attracted by Gu Shengnan’s exquisite cooking.

In the process of getting along, they fatedly got closer and closer.
Finally, president Lu Jin took off his cool elite mask and turned into a loyal boyfriend, and the “little faerie” also learned how to love.

They reaped simple happiness in food.

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