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Yan Xujia, Zhang Zifeng Are Dating Each other?

Yan Xujia Zhang Zifeng

X NINE and R1SE member Davis Yan Xujia and Chinese young actress Zhang Zifeng were suspected to be in a relationship.


It is reported that on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022, some media photographed Yan Xujia and a girl going home together.

They spent the night together until the next morning, when the girl left alone in a car. And Yan Xujia stayed at home until the afternoon before going out.

Zhang Zifeng

The girl should be afraid of being photographed by the media. She wrapped herself up very tightly with a hat and the mask. In the video, Yan Xujia and the girl were wearing the same jacket.

After the video was revealed, netizens suspected that the girl is actress Zhang Zifeng with the below clues:

Zhang Zifeng
  1. The phone case used by the girl in the video is the same as the phone case used by Zhang Zifeng before;
  2. The length of the girl’s hair in the video is also nearly similar toZhang Zifeng’s hair length. The height of both of them also matches very well;
  3. What’s more shocking to netizens is that the girl’s running posture in the video is highly compatible with Zhang Zifeng’s running;
  4. In last October, some fans have broken the news that they were dating.
Zhang Zifeng Yan Xujia

Zhang Zifeng and Yan Xujia were classmates. They have also hosted the 70th anniversary of the Beijing Film Academy together.

They are both developing careers in showbiz, they might be friends. But spending the night together on Valentine’s Day is more or less impossible to explain.

So is Zhang Zifeng the current girlfriend of Yan Xujia?

At present, Zhang Zifeng has not made a statement on the video, but netizens are very anxious. Many netizens asked the studio to make a clarification at once. It seems that the netizens are not optimistic about the relationship between them.

Zhang Zifeng

The “national sister” Zhang Zifeng, has been an innocent and cute girl in everyone’s mind, not only looks very affable, but acting skills are also remarkable. The “date” made many netizens feel disappointed. It seems that everyone dislikes Yan Xujia.

Why are the netizens so repulsive to this dating rumor?

In 2020, a netizen named “小盒鱼会喵喵叫吗” disclosed her relationship with Yan Xujia on the social media platform, posting that he was unfaithful to his relationship and had a lot of cheating and cold violence. The ex-girlfriend also attached many intimate photos and HD videos.


This revelation made Yanxujia immediately become a synonym for “scum”. Subsequently, many netizens followed the revelation, saying that Yanxujia was in a relationship while also maintaining an ambiguous relationship with themself.

In order to preserve his acting career, Yan Xujia issued a statement in response, but he still denied that there was a third party during the relationship, attributing his own bad behavior to a lack of maturity.

He said he would focus on work and school in the next few years, no longer involved in relationships.

However, it didn’t take long for him to be exposed to a relationship again.

Yan Xujia

Some netizens commented: it seems that he really likes to fall in love.

Many of Zhang’s fans shouted at Zhang Zifeng: Sister, run away quickly.

At present, both sides of Yan Xujia and Zhang Zifeng have not responded to the dating rumors. What’s the truth? Let’s be rational and wait for their response.

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