X NINE – In Our Own Name (以己之名)

Single Name: In Our Own Name (以己之名)
Singer: XNINE
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date: 2016-09-24
Label: EE-Media
Lyricist: Jiao Dong
Composer: Ki-Hwan Kim/dj nüre
“In Our Own Name” is a song released by idol boy band X Nine. The group held their debut press conference on September 28. Their first hit single “In Our Own Name” was also released fresh on the occasion of their debut.

As the only boy idol group to debut in China in 2016, the X NINE’ single shows the new attitude of the post-“Nine Zero” generation.
The first single audio is available on Kugou and Kuwo at midnight on September 23, and fans who have been squatting in front of their screens can’t wait to finally get a chance to hear it.

The cumulative purchases in the first minute on the line broke 10,000!

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