Official MV Chinese Version

Official MV Korean Version

Name: EOEO
Singer: UNIQ
Genre: Urban R&B,Dubstep
Language: Chinese, Korean
Released Date: Oct.9,2014
Label: YH Entertainment
Album: EOEO
Composer: Hyuk Shin, Deamfluenza, 2xxxx!, MRey, DK
Lyricist: Deanfluenza, Zhou Yixuan, Li Wenhan
Arranger: Hyuk Shin, MRey, 2xxxx!
‘EOEO’ is produced by Shin Hyuk who already showed the specialty of UNIQ with their debut single ‘Falling In Love’ and his producing team Joombas Music Factory together with the participation of Deanfluenza, MRey, and xxx!. It is a hip hop trap song under the main theme of wind instruments that lead the whole track expressing UNIQ’s reckless identity and passion with urban R&B style melody which has not been tried in Korea many times and onomatopoeic words saying urgent situations.

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