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To My 19-Year-Old – Austin Lin, Shi Anni

To My 19-Year-Old is a youthful fantasy film directed by Huang Chaoliang, led by Austin Lin, Shi Anni, and Wang Qian, co-starring He Minghan and Kingdom Yuen.

The film tells the story of Yang Yixue, who has been secretly in love with Mo Xiaofeng for 10 years, who is given a "mysterious wooden box" full of letters at his funeral after his accidental death during an adventure. Through the box, Yang Yixue keeps sending letters to her 19-year-old self in a bid to recover her lost love.


To My 19-Year-Old

English Title: To My 19-Year-Old
Chinese Title: 给19岁的我自己
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Youth
Duration: 98 min.
Director: Huang Chaoliang
Writer: Huang Chaoliang, Tang Yan
Producer: Han Fei
Released Date: 2018-05-29
Broadcast Website: 唐阁影院 Tag Theatre



Mo Xiaofeng met an untimely death during an adventure. At the funeral of Mo Xiaofeng, whom she had secretly loved for ten years, Yang Yixue received a memento he left for her—a "mysterious wooden box" filled with numerous love letters. Holding these heartfelt letters, Yang Yixue's mind became a whirlwind as the sealed memories were unlocked. She regretted not being able to be with her beloved back then.

The "mysterious wooden box" possesses a magical ability to transcend time and connect with the past. Yang Yixue seizes the opportunity to correspond with her 19-year-old self through an exchange of letters, hoping to reclaim the lost love she once had.


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