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Summer Arousal – Li Jiuxiao, Li Meng

Summer Arousal is a crime comedy directed by Li Xiaojiang, starring Li Jiuxiao, Li Meng, Zhang Songwen and Wang Yanhui.


Summer Arousal

English Title: Summer Arousal
Chinese Title: 夏天只是一天
Other Titles: Summer Arouse
Genre: Crime, Comedy, Drama
Duration: 90 min.
Director: Li Xiaojiang
Writer: Cai Zhaohui
Producer: Tian Yan, Tang Juan
Released Date: 2023-09-22
Boradcast Website: -



A series of hooligan harassment cases have been occurring in a small town, causing anxiety among the residents.

Lao Hu, the director of the local police station, teams up with Officer Xiao Cai to investigate the case.

As the investigation deepens, Dr. Liu, a proctologist, and Nurse Duan Yanfen also become involved, and the hidden secrets of the town's diverse characters slowly come to light in this unfolding story.


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