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SING – Tao Hua Tan(桃花叹)

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Single Name: Tao Hua Tan(桃花叹)(Peach Blossom Sigh)
Singer: SING
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date:2020-05-07
Label: Hikoon Music
Type: Single
Lyricist: Wang Dongyang
Composer: Wang Dongyang
Arranger: Li Dabai
Mixing engineer:Zhang Mingli
Studio:Haikui Beijing Studio
Supervisor: Zheng Zhihong
OP:Hikoon Music
Instruction: The new single “Tao Hua Tan” by SING is fresh on the line, with a cheerful rhythm, like raindrops on the stone pavement in the alleyway, falling to the ground into a song, full of rhythm. Close your eyes and savor this f peachy heart.

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