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SING – Ru Meng Ling(如梦令)

Ru Meng Ling– Official MV

Ru Meng Ling –Official MV Dance Ver.

Ru Meng Ling — Dance Practice Video

Single Name: Ru Meng Ling(如梦令)(Like a Dream )
Singer: SING
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date: 2017-11-03
Label: Qigu Culture
Type: Single
Lyricist: Willen
Composer: He Liang
Arranger: He Liang
Mixing/Mastering: Zhong Huang Music
Instruction: SING’s “Ru Meng Ling” is an upbeat, melodic and playful Chinese style house dance song, created by the Li Mao Yang (T2o) and famous musician He Liang, with pipa and guzheng as the main accompaniment.
It is based on the Song Dynasty poet Li Qingzhao’s poem of the same name, depicting a young girl who is enjoying herself and forgetting to go back. As the second major single of the Electronic Chinese Style music EP of SING, “Ru Meng Ling” is based on the new style composed song “To The Moon”, which is a breakthrough in incorporating a sense of playfulness in the traditional music, further distinguishing it from other girl groups and previous works, and establishing the unique positioning of SING’s “Chinese Style music”.

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