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SING – Qing Bei(倾杯)

Single Name: Qing Bei(倾杯)
Singer: SING
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date: 2018-04-18
Label: Qigu Culture
Type: Single
Lyricist: Er Zhe
Composer: Xu Yi
Arranger: Xu Yi
Producer: Li Maoyang (T2o)
Post-production: Z-Music Factory Wang Zi
Instruction: SING ‘s new single “Qing Bei” is officially launched.”Qing Bei” depicts the girl’s wine party in the late spring. “A glass of wine to the flowers that bloom and fall with the wind, a glass of wine to the landscape, a glass of wine to the four seasons of autumn and winter, a glass of wine to the moon and stars, a glass of wine to the years that are long and do not stain my sleeves”, is full of life, hoping that people will appreciate the beautiful things around them, no matter how happy or unhappy they are, they should sing and enjoy themselves.

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