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SING – Bu Xian(不羡)

Single Name: Bu Xian(不羡)(Ending Song of “MO DAO ZU SHI – The Past”)
Singer: SING
Language: Chinese
Released Date: 2018-08-25
Label: 万有YIN力
Type: Single
Producer: He Liang
Lyricist: Miao Boyang
Composer: He Liang
Backing Vocals:Chen Ziqing & He Liang & Peng Haokai
Arranger:  Zhao Peng
Backing Vocal Arrangement: He Liang & Peng Haokai
Sound Engineer: He Liang & Peng Haokai
Mixing: Zhen Zhaolin
Studio: Zhong Huang Music
Instruction: SING sang “Bu Xian” for the end song of the Animation “MO DAO ZU SHI – The Past”. The lyrics depict the rise and fall of the five clans. “Wielding the sword to cut off the wicked and the despicable, and removing the wicked for the benefit of the Tao. The members change their singing voice and use their thick and ethereal voices to tell the story of the magic world. To create a new ancient style. “Electronic Chinese Style” girl group hand in hand with the new ancient style of Chinese comics, to create a Chinese style momentum.

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