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Rapid Action – Wang Qingting, Tang Xin

Rapid Action is a crime action film directed by Wang Xingzhe starring Wang Qingting and Tang Xin, co-starring Wang Hongxiang, Li Binglei, Chen Shengwei, and Jing Minqiang.

The film tells the story of Gao Feng, who returns to the escort industry and embarks on a dangerous rescue mission to protect overseas Chinese assets and technology from evil forces, successfully escorting the overseas technology and assets back to China.


Rapid Action

English Title: Rapid Action
Chinese Title: 极速保镖
Genre: Crime, Action
Duration: 88 min.
Director: Wang Xingzhe
Writer: Wang Xingzhe, Geng Hongming, Wang Shengsheng
Producer: Wang Shengsheng, Chang An, Su Jinjin, Chen Xingyi, Hu Jin, Duan Jingjing, Chen Yi, Wang Yeqiu
Released Date: 2023-02-14
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Three years ago during a protective mission, Gao Feng's pregnant wife tragically passed away, and his younger brother suffered serious injuries from a car accident.

Blaming himself for his wife's death, Gao Feng left the bodyguard industry and lived an ordinary life with his brother.

To pay for his brother's medical treatment, Gao Feng incurred a huge debt. When he had nowhere else to turn, his former boss came, requesting his protection services for their former employer.

Reluctantly, Gao Feng returned and became entangled in a three-year-old feud and grudge...


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