2023 Chinese Drama List

R1SE – Autumn with 11 youths (十一少年的秋天)

  • R1SE learns to sing Peking Opera, and the whole team sings and dances the Peking Opera version of “No One Should be Stingy(谁都别吝啬)” with Guo Qilin
  • The R1SE Challenge extreme sports and the whole team is dancing “No One Should be Stingy”!
  • R1SE visits chess king Ke Jie, Show their cooking skill and sings “Love Deeply” on KTV.
  • R1SE challenges classic anime COSPLAY!
  • R1SE learn folk songs from the Dong Minority girl and catch chickens and fish to experience life!
  • R1SE Experiences Fire Drill Tribute to Firefighters

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