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Monster Run – Shawn Yue, Jessie Li

Monster Run is a fantasy film directed by Henri Wong Chi Hang, starring Shawn Yue, Jessie Li, Kara Wai, and Tumen.

Based on A. Lee Martinez's novel of the same name, "怪物先生/ Mr. Monster", the film tells the story of Brother Meng, a monster-fighting expert, and Ji Mo, an ordinary girl, who join forces to fight against the forces of evil.


Monster Run

English Title: Monster Run
Chinese Title: 怪物先生
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Duration: 104 min.
Director: Henri Wong Chi Hang
Writer: Henri Wong Chi Hang, Fan Wenwen, Wang Yahe, Zhang Disha, Zhang Zhuopeng
Producer: Sun Yanjie, Wang Lianjing, Guo Zijian, Huang Jiali
Product Company: LINMON PICTURES
Released Date: 2020-08-18
Broadcast Website: Netfilx



Ji Mo has been seen as an outsider since childhood because she can see "monsters." One day, while working at a supermarket, she witnesses a monster attacking the store. In a miraculous encounter, she meets a "monster hunter" named Brother Meng and realizes that monsters truly exist in the world. This revelation leads Ji Mo into an unfamiliar world. Through numerous trials and tribulations alongside the eccentric Brother Meng, they discover that Ji Mo is a chosen girl from a magical realm, and they must confront a selfish and wicked woman.

These two young individuals are swept up in a new turmoil, and in this unequal battle, they both choose to fight to the end.


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