2021 Chinese Drama List

Liu Yuxin – BEAT HOLIC(节奏病)

Single Name: BEAT HOLIC(节奏病)
Singer: The9-Liu Yuxin
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date: 2020-06-01
Type: Single
Music: Wolf Kid, Amon Hayashi
Lyricist: Liu Yuxin, Qiu Boxu, hedi
Producer: HIRO for Digz, Inc. Group
All Instruments and Programming by Wolf Kid for Digz, Inc. Group Vocal Directed by HIRO
Additional Vocal Directed by KoShin, Amon Hayashi for Digz, Inc. Group
Recorded by Gregory Germain for Digz, Inc. Group at DCH STUDIO
Mixed by Carlton Lynn for LOTUS at DCH STUDIO Music & MV Overall
Planning & Coordinator by Makoto Liang
Don’t perform for others, just dance to a built-in rhythm. Live the way you want to live!

2020 New Solo Single

HIRO, the Japanese international producer, creates a rhythm for Liu Yu Xin.

Neutral, irresistible dance music is about to swag!

A natural-born performer with a metronome built into her body, her unisex charm and her passion for creativity, Liu Yuxin is always open to the possibilities of performing, whether in a group or on her own, singing or dancing and even though she encounters different options in the process, she is still able to find herself in music and dance and live the way she wants to.

She is not afraid of loneliness, but is a charismatic leader in the group, blending the stereotypical masculine/feminine traits with her external charisma.

For Liu Yuxin
BEAT HOLIC = Yan’s original passion for music, dance, and dream energy.
BEAT HOLIC = the infectious, communicative, and influential power of the music created by Yu Xin.

For Audience
BEAT HOLIC = free expression of inner energy strengths and weaknesses that are not constrained by conventional rules.
BEAT HOLIC = Self-determination of the pace of external progress and not being pushed by worldly values.

Life is a melody line, the rhythm is the soul’s footsteps.
Find your Tone, sing your beat.
It’s the attitude of Liu Yuxin.


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