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Like Father And Son – Hui Wangjun, Bai Zeze

Like Father And Son (The Rattle Drum) is a road comedy film written and directed by Bai Zhiqiang, starring Hui Wangjun and Bai Zeze.

The film tells the story of Gou Ren, a truck driver who is looking for revenge for his son, and meets Mao Dou, a child who is looking for his father. Then they embark on a hilarious journey together by chance.


Like Father And Son

English Title: Like Father And Son
Chinese Title: 拨浪鼓咚咚响
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Duration: 97 min.
Director: Bai Zhiqiang
Writer: Bai Zhiqiang, Gao Feng, Han Zhixuan, Zhang Guanghui
Producer: Tian Jiaoping
Released Date: 2023-02-25
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The only son of truck driver Gou Ren died of illness. Gou Ren believed it was his best friend who caused his son's death, so he set out on a journey of revenge with grief and anger in his heart.

Along the way, he met a mischievous child named Mao Dou who had lost his family and was desperate to find his father who worked away from home. Mao Dou threw tantrums and caused trouble, including disrupting Gou Ren's truck.

In order to seek compensation for the damaged goods, Gou Ren had to take Mao Dou on the road with him. The two embarked on a comical and eventful journey to find Mao Dou's father.

Despite Mao Dou's troublesome behavior and Gou Ren's own troubles, the two lonely souls gradually became closer to each other in this particularly cold winter.


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