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Lies My Father Told Me – Hou Tianlai, Jing Xitong

Lies My Father Told Me is a family film directed by Yang Musheng, starring Hou Tianlai, Jing Xitong, Fu Shaojie, Xu Ning, Niu Ben, and Zhu Xijuan.

Adapted from a popular, tear-jerking 2016 web film, "Father / 憨爸", it tells the touching story of an adoptive father, Liu Afu, who takes his adoptive daughter, Liu Xiaohua, on a thousand-mile quest to find her relatives.


Lies My Father Told Me

English Title: Lies My Father Told Me
Chinese Title: 爸爸的谎言
Other Titles: Dad's Lies
Genre: Family, Drama, Life
Duration: 94 min.
Director: Yang Musheng
Writer: Fu Shaojie, Fan Hui, Wen Feilong, Zeng Lingling
Producer: Yang Ping
Released Date: 2023-10-20
Boradcast Website: -



Ten years ago, trishaw rider Liu Afu adopted an infant girl and named her Xiaohua. Since his spouse passed away three years ago, he has been relying on the company of his adopted daughter, Xiaohua.

However, one day, Afu fainted while working and was rushed to the hospital. There, he received the devastating news that he had a severe illness. Facing the high medical expenses, Afu made the heart-wrenching decision to forgo treatment, realizing that he had limited time left.

With Xiaohua being a young child and no one to care for her, he decided the best solution was to send her to her biological parents. Afu embarked on a challenging and tearful journey to search for Xiaohua's biological family. He used the clues he had when he adopted Xiaohua to find her biological parents' hometown.

Afu told Xiaohua they were going on a trip and began a difficult and emotional journey with her on his trishaw.


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