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Hachiko – Feng Xiaogang, Joan Chen

Hachiko is a family film directed by Xu Ang and starring Feng Xiaogang and Chen Chong.

Based on the original screenplay by しんどう かねと/Kaneto Shindo, Hachi-ko/ ハチ公物語, this film tells the touching story of a loyal dog named "Ba Tong" who persistently waits for his owner, Chen Jingxiu.



English Title: Hachiko
Chinese Title: 忠犬八公
Genre: Family, Drama
Duration: 124 min.
Director: Xu Ang
Writer: Zhang Hansi, Xu Ang, Li Liangwen, Li Lin
Product Company: iQIYI
Released Date: 2023-03-31
Boradcast Website: -



"Ba Tong" is a cute Chinese rural dog who met his destined owner, Chen Jingxiu, among the vast sea of people and became a member of Chen's family.

As time passed, the once beautiful home no longer exists, but Ba Tong still waits in the same place. Its fate is tightly bound to its family members.


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