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Fighter of the Destiny – Lu Han, Gulnazar, Janice Wu, Joseph Zeng

Fighter of the Destiny is a historical fantasy drama based on the novel of the same name by Mao Ni, directed by Chung Shu Kai, starring Lu Han, Gulnazar, Janice Wu, Joseph Zeng, Xu Lingyue, Zhang Junning, Gao Hangyu, and Lin Siyi, with special appearances by Chen Shu, Eric Tsang, Eddie Cheung, and Yao Di.

The drama tells the story of Chen Changsheng, who comes to the divine capital with a marriage certificate in order to change his fate. He befriends a group of like-minded friends to open a new world in the National Academy.


Fighter of the Destiny

English Title: Fighter of the Destiny
Chinese Title: 择天记
Genre: Historical, Youth, Fantasy
Episodes: 56
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Chung Shu Kai, Wing-Lun Mak, Kong Lida
Writer: Chu Xidao, Yang Mo, Yang Pan, Jin Yuanyuan
Producer: Yang Xiaopei
Broadcasting Website: Viki, YoYo TV, YoYo English Channel
Released Date: April 17, 2017


Lu Han Lu Han as Chen Changsheng
Gulnazar Gulnazar as Xu Yourong
Janice Wu Janice Wu as Bai Luoheng
Joseph Zeng Joseph Zeng as Tang Sanshiliu
Xu Lingyue Xu Lingyue as Mo Yu
Chen Shu Chen Shu as Queen Sheng
Yao Di Yao Di as Nan Ke
Zhang Junning Zhang Junning as Qiushan Jun
Eric Tsang Eric Tsang as Ji Daoren
Eddie Cheung Eddie Cheung as Jiao Zong


In the first year of the beginning, a sacred stone descended from the sky and was scattered on the earth.

It was said that those who could view the inscriptions of the sacred stones could know their fate. The sacred stone has become a holy relic on earth since then. So the world had been in turmoil for a long time. Until the human race united with the western demon race, the evil race was driven to the polar grasslands, the world was at peace.

Baby Chen Changsheng with a mysterious birth was saved from the mouth of a golden dragon by his master, Ji Daoren accepted him as his disciple, teaching him 3,000 scrolls of the book of Tao.

Nineteen years later, Chen Changsheng learned that his six veins were inaccessible and his life would not last more than twenty years.

Ji Daoren said that there was an ancient sacred stone hidden in Ling Yange in the divine capital of the Zhou Dynasty, which might record the method of changing his fate.

Chen Changsheng decided to go down the mountain to take a chance.

By chance, Chen Changsheng resisted the suppression of various forces and befriended the young genius Tang Sanshiliu, the demon princess Luoluo, and the demon warrior Xuanyuan Po. With their help, Changsheng won first place in the strong “Dachao Trial”.

After entering the sacred stone monument tomb, he watched all the monuments in front of the tomb overnight, causing the natural phenomenon to change.

But who would have thought that all this is just the beginning, as the pattern of the world changes, Changsheng finds himself involved in a huge conspiracy…

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