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Weaving a Tale of Love – Gulnazar, Timmy Xu

“Weaving a Tale of Love” is an ancient romantic drama produced by Youku, directed by Chen Jialin, starring Gulnazar and
Timmy Xu, and co-starring Shi Shi, Zhao Shunran, Li Xinyi, Chen Jinru, and Zhang Wanyi.

The drama is based on Lan Yunshu’s novel “The Bright Moon of the Tang Dynasty”, which tells the love story between Kudi Luli, a talented dressmaker, and Pei Xingjian, a young man who has passed civil examinations but has been wasting time for years.

Weaving a Tale of Love

English Title: Weaving a Tale of Love
Chinese Title: 风起霓裳
Genre: Ancient, Romance
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45min
General Director: Chen Jialin
Director: He Zhenhua, Wang Zhuming
General Writer: Mei Yingju
Writer: Wang Ying, Lan Yunshu
Producer: Jia Yiqun
Product Company: Youku, Yida Media
Broadcasting website: Youku, Youtube(China Zone)
Released Date: January 27, 2021


Gulnazar Gulnazar as Kudi Liuli
Timmy Xu Timmy Xu as Pei Xingjian


During the reign of the Tang Dynasty, An, a dressmaker from the previous dynasty, is framed and imprisoned by her disciple, Zhuo Jinniang, and entrusts her young daughter, Liuli (Gulnazar), to an old friend in the palace.

As a medical officer, Luli grows up in the palace and is in charge of the palace’s epidemic prevention work, and inherits her mother’s amazing dressmaking talent.

Fortunately, she meets Pei Xingjian, who is very capable but has been wasting time for many years, and helps her to escape from the trap.

Liuli keeps on investigating the truth of An’s case and does not hesitate to hibernate.

At this time, Emperor Taizong is seriously ill and the situation is sensitive, so Liuli and Pei Xingjian work together to support prince Li Zhi.

They plan together and go through difficulties together, and also have a secret love affair.

When the new emperor ascends to the throne and clarifies the unjust case, Liuli and Pei Xingjian choose to stay away from the imperial palace to protect their love.

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