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Beyond the Clouds – Hai Qing, Chen Yongsheng

Beyond the Clouds is a biographical film directed by Zheng Dasheng and Yang Jin, written by Yuan Yuan and Chen Qiling, led by Hai Qing, co-starring Chen Yongsheng, Chai Ye, Wang Yueting, and Wan Guopeng, with a special appearance by Hu Ge, Cya Liu, and Yang Haoyu.

Based on the true story of Zhang Guimei, the film tells the touching story of how she took "teaching to save people's lives" as her mission, and led the girls deep in the mountains to grow up enthusiastically and break the cage of destiny.


Beyond the Clouds

English Title: Beyond the Clouds
Chinese Title: 我本是高山
Other Titles: The Magnificent She, She is Magnificent, 了不起的她
Genre: Drama
Duration: 131 min.
Director: Zheng Dasheng, Yang Jin
Writer: Yuan Yuan, Chen Qiling
Producer: Wu Yanyan, Zhang Yang,, Ren Xiaoyi
Released Date: 2023-11-24
Boradcast Website: -



This is a story about a determined woman and a group of newly graduated but inexperienced teachers who, along with over a hundred girls, successfully defy fate. It is a tale of love, youth, passion, and destiny.

Principal Zhang, guided by the "spirit of the burning lamp" dedicated herself to establishing the Huaping Girls' Advanced High School in Lijiang, Yunnan. This school provided an opportunity for girls trapped in the mountains to change their destinies through education. A group of mountain girls, bewildered and uncertain about the future, gathered together because of Principal Zhang. They joined hands to overcome one obstacle after another on the path forward, diligently enriching the many choices in their lives.


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