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AKB48 Team SH Profile

AKB48 Team SH

AKB48 Team SH was formed on December 3, 2018, is a Chinese girl group created by Yasushi Akimoto as the chief producer. It is the official overseas sister group of the Japanese girl idol group AKB48.


Official Account

Weibo: AKB48TeamSH
Official Website: http://www.akb48-china.com/


On December 10, 2016, AKB48 held an AKB48 China press conference and fan meeting at the Himalayan Center in Shanghai, China, where it was announced that AKB48 would form an official sister group in China.

On October 26, 2017, the operator announced that the official Chinese sister group will be officially established and it will be operated by a joint Chinese and Japanese production team, with activities based in Shanghai, China.

On March 27, 2018, Liu Nian and Mao Weijia joined the group as reserve members. On April 10, the group’s name was decided as “AKB48 Team SH”, and it was also announced that they began recruiting members for 1 generation. On April 21, Liu Nian and Mao Weijia participated in the variety show “Produce 101”. On December 3, the group officially debuted after releasing their first single “LOVE TRIP”. On December 31, they participated in the Eastern TV’s 2019 New Year’s Eve Gala.

On January 14, 2019, the group released their first EP “Shonichi”(初日). On January 27, they participated in the AKB48 Group Asian Grand Ceremony held at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. On May 24, the group released their 2nd EP “So long!”. On May 27, the group officially recruited members for the 2nd generation. On August 8, the group released their 3rd EP “Shoujotachi yo”(冲吧!少女们). On August 24, they participated in the AKB48 Group Asian Grand Ceremony in Shanghai. On November 23, the group held the first anniversary concert of “365 Days of Continued Love” in Shanghai. On December 31, they participated in the Dongfang TV 2020 New Year’s Eve Gala. On the same day, Liu Nian as the Representative of AKB48 Team SH participated in the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen in Japan.

On January 17, 2020, Liu Nian, Zhu Ling, and Mao Weijia participated in the filming of the variety show “AKB48 Cherry Bay Summer”. On March 12, Shen Ying and Hu Xin Yin participated in the variety show “Youth with You 2” was broadcasted. On April 25, the group formally recruited 3rd generation members. On May 2, Wan Fangzhou, Wang Yuduo, Liu Nian, Zhu Ling participated the variety show “Chuang 2020”. On September 28, the group released their fourth EP, “The Wind of the Future”(迎向未来的风). On September 24, Liu Nian, Mao Weijia, Zhu Ling, Hu Xinyin, Zeng Sichun, and Gui Chuchu participated in the QQ Music show “MR Radio”(见面吧电台). On September 26, the group’s 3rd generation members made their official debut. On the same day, Zhu Ling, Hu Xin Yin, and Tan Junxi participated in the Zhejiang TV’s Internet professional competition motivational program “Blueberry Hatch Camp”.

AKB48 Team SH Members

1st Generation(Aug.8, 2018)


  • Dong Fanchi(董芳池)
  • Li Shiqi(李诗绮)
  • Liu Nian(刘念)
  • Mao Weijia(毛唯嘉)
  • Shen Ying(沈莹)
  • Shi Keyan(施可妍)
  • Song Xinran(宋欣然)
  • Wan Fanzhou(万芳舟)
  • Wang Yuduo(王雨朵)
  • Wei Xin(魏新)
  • Wu Anqi(吴安琪)
  • Ye Zhien(叶知恩)
  • Yan Ruixi(袁瑞希)
  • Zhai Yujia(翟羽佳)
  • Zhu ling(朱苓)
  • Zhuang Xiaoti(庄晓媞)


  • Xu Yiting(徐依婷)
  • Zhou Nianqi(周念琪)

2nd Generation(Aug.25, 2019)


  • Gui Chuchu(桂楚楚)
  • Gong Luwen(龚露雯)
  • Hu Xinyin(胡馨尹)
  • Shi Aibei (施蔼倍)
  • Xiong Fangni(熊芳妮)
  • Zeng Sichun(曾鸶淳)


  • Cheng Anzi(程安子)
  • Jian Qiangwei(渐蔷薇)
  • Kong Kexin(孔珂昕)
  • Li Yumiao(李于淼)
  • Liang Shian(梁时安)
  • Pan Qiuyi(潘秋怡)
  • Pu Zhiying(蒲祉颖)
  • Tan Junxi(谭珺兮)
  • Wang Yuran(王俞然)
  • Wu Yiting(吴怡婷)
  • Zhang Qianfei(张倩霏)
  • Zhang Qiaoyu(张乔瑜)
  • Zhang Yinglu (张樱璐)
  • Zou Ruonan(邹若男)

3rd Generation(Sep.26, 2020)


  • Li Jiahui(李佳慧)
  • Ma Xiaoyu(马小雨)
  • Peng Luxuan(彭露萱)
  • Qiu Dier(邱笛尔)
  • Wang Anni(王安妮)
  • Wang Xuanya(王暄雅)
  • Xie Wenjie(谢雯婕)
  • Zhang Jiazhe(张嘉哲)
  • Zhouchen Yuxuan(周陈雨轩)


  • Shiny Lucky 闪亮的幸运(2019/1/21)
  • (Shonichi)初日(2019/1/21)
  • Kimi ni Tsuite(关于你)(2019/6/10)
  • Shoujotachi yo(冲吧!少女们)(2019/8/8)
  • Sustainable(持续的爱恋)(2019/9/20)
  • 365 Days of Paper Planes(365天的纸飞机)(2019/12/3)
  • Action!(2020/4/9)

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