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Zhang Yaqin and Quan Yilun’s Relationship Was Revealed, Siblings To Lovers?

Zhang Yaqin Quan Yilun

On October 30, 2023, actors Zhang Yaqin and Quan Yilun were photographed kissing inside a car by the media, sparking rumors of a romantic relationship.


It is reported that Zhang Yaqin and Quan Yilun previously worked together on the TV drama “An Ancient Love Song” playing the roles of siblings.

Their on-screen partnership blossomed into a real-life romance, and their relationship quickly heated up. Zhang Yaqin portrayed the female lead, Lu Yuan, while Quan Yilun played her younger brother, Lu Shi.

In fact, insiders revealed that Zhang Yaqin and Quan Yilun displayed an extraordinary rapport during the filming process. The official social media account for the drama even shared behind-the-scenes moments of the two playfully bantering, showcasing a very close relationship.

Zhang Yaqin

Regarding the exposure of their romantic relationship, many netizens expressed their best wishes.

One netizen commented, “They’re both good-looking and talented, such a perfect match!”

Another netizen said, “Both of them excel in terms of looks and acting, they’re a match made in heaven!”

Both Zhang Yaqin and Quan Yilun are known for their acting skills. As for their relationship, they have not yet made a public statement.

Quan Yilun

From being on-screen siblings to becoming a real-life couple, do you think this emerging “siblings-to-lovers” relationship is appealing? Let’s look forward to the remarkable works these two will create in the future!

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