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Yang Chaoyue’s 15 Quotes

Yang Chaoyue
  1. As long as you’re alive, there’s nothing you can’t get over.
  2. Life is full of ups and downs. Can’t you let go of that?
  3. The label I want is a hard-working wage earner, there is no (high or low) distinction between every job, everyone works hard at their job!
  4. We are the rain in the sky, falling together and traveling separately
  5. I’m just going to be reasonable, and I’ll keep going with what I’m right about. I’m not the kind of person to swallow my pride, I’ll fight you to the death as long as I’m reasonable!
  6. Hopefully, in the future, I will remember who I am now and still be free when I want to cry. and (I think) have a stronger mindset and turn stress into a habit that no longer has the ability to boss you around and hurt you!
  7. Everyone insists on their own stage, and there may not be an audience under the stage, but as long as you have that dedication in your heart, one day you will find your own stage!
  8. Everyone is working towards their dreams. There are different possibilities in life, and if you believe and you do it, the process is one thing that you won’t regret!
  9. I’ll pluck the stars from the sky and weave a fishing net to capture the Whimsy of your mind.
  10. Some things can’t be taken care of, because if you stay with your parents, your chances become slim.
  11. If you don’t tell them how you feel, they won’t know how you feel. If you have a problem, solve it.
  12. Good appearance is an advantage. You can’t show it off, but you can show it off with strength.
  13. The one who tries to live a better life. There’s no one who’s not tired, no one who’s not sweating.
  14. Sacrifice yourself and entertain everyone. I’m happy when you’re happy.
  15. Life is heavy, but we have to keep going.
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  1. She is so beautiful girl. And I like drama Love you seven times. She so perty