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We Are Young

“We Are Young” is a competing reality show produce by China Mainland’s Youku and Taiwan’s ETtoday.
On April 23, 2020, “We Are Young” officially announced its instructors, with Zhang Yixing(LAY), Guo Jingming, Hu Yanbin(Tiger Hu), Cheng Xiao, Jackson Yee and Han Yu confirmed to join.
The program “We Are Young” aims to break the same of trainees, achieve an international all-round boy group, and define the ICON of the era.

Official Account

Weibo: 优酷少年之名


We Are Young Lay Zhang

Lay Zhang (Producer)
Singer, Actor, EXO member
Representative works: “The Mystic Nine”(老九门), “To Be a Better Man”(好先生), “Alone”(一个人), “LOSE CONTROL”, etc.

We Are Young Gou Jing Ming

Guo Jingming (Instructor)
Director, writer, magazine chief editor.
Representative works: “Ice Fantasy”(幻城), ”Rush to the Dead Summer“(夏至未至), ”Tiny Times“(小时代), ”Legend of Ravaging Dynasties“(爵迹), ‎”Cry Me A Sad River“(悲伤逆流成河), etc.

Tiger Hu

Tiger Hu (Music Instructor)
Singer and Music Producer
Representative works: “Beautiful Women”(红颜), “Waiting For You”, ”Moonlight“(月光), Take Everything You Want(你要的全拿走), etc.

We Are Young Cheng Xiao

Cheng Xiao (Dance Instructor)
Singer, actress, and member of Cosmic Girl.
Representative Works: “The Secret”, “MoMoMo”, “Catch Me”, “I Wish”

Han Yu

Hanyu (Dance Instructor)
Male dancer in China.
Representative work: “Street Dance of China S1”


Jackson Yee(Explorer)
Singer, dancer, actor, and member of the TFBOYS.
Representative works: “Better Days”, “The Longest Day In Chang’an”, etc.

Show List

EP01:The instructors assess the teenagers’ first stage, and the scene was blown up by the teenagers!


NameBirthdayHeight  Before Shows And Groups
Ba Tu Tu La Ga1998/11/8
Chen Jiajin1998/7/23
Chen Junhao1999/12/24178cm
Chen Ruize1999/12/24
Chen Xinhai***182cm
Chen Yichen2000/6/16178cm
Cui Shaopeng1997/4/10180cm“Youth With You”, CORE ONE
Duan Xuyu2000/2/13182cm“Youth With You”
Fu Renjie2000/1/1
Guo Yikang1999/2/15
Guo Zhen***181cm“ The Coming One”S2
He Yijun2000/11/6
Hong Weihao1997/6/3190cm
Hong Zhenhui1998/5/15
Hu Wenxuan1999/5/23185cm“Youth With You”, Desert 5
Huang Enyu1996/12/25180cm“SING OUT”
Huang Junrong2000/10/14175cmSPOP Sing!
Hui Zai2000/7/20
Jin Fan1994/11/27176cm“Youth With You”, Mr.TyGer
Ke Bolun1999/7/17181cmAGEBOY
Kou Cong1999/4/10180cm“Youth With You”
Lan Taoyi1997/6/26AZA
Li  Xikan1998/4/11181cm“Idol Producer”, Former Merber of MR-X
Li Boyuan1999/4/19
Li Chengxi1998/12/18
Li Chenxu***
Li Hao1997/7/2“ The Coming One”
Li Zaixi1997/11/11188cm
Li Zhenwei1998/11/8175cmC.T.O
Li Ziyao1996/6/22AZA
Lin Mo1993/11/20180cm“Youth With You”, Mr.TyGer
Lin Ran1999/8/14178cm“Produce Camp 2019”,GOLDEN AGE
Liu Cong***185cmYESCAMP
Luo JIE1998/7/19183cm“Idol Producer”, “The Next Top Bang”, Former member of MR-X
Ma Haowen1998/9/28YESCAMP
Mu Xingyuan1996/4/12180cm“All For One”
Qian Zhe1996/6/26188cm
Qin Zhuqiang***
Shen Bohuai1998/1/24184cm“Youth With You”
Su Er1998/10/19“Super idol”
Su Xunlun2000/5/20176cm“All For One”
Sun Boran2000/12/20”The Coming One”
Sun Yinghao1991/11/16“The Voice”
Tang Yuqin1998/2/15187cm
Tao Yuan2000/8/17
Wang Linkai2000/9/27
Wang Qibo2000/7/30
Wang Zhaolin1996/6/30185cm
Wang Ziao*** ALIB
Wang Zining1995/2/3180cm“Super Boy2017”, “Sing or Spin”, C.T.O
Wang Ziyun***ALIBI
Weng Yuqing1997/2/11175cm“Show Star”, C.T.O
Wu Shanyu1996/4/12178cm
Xiao Yien1993/10/9“Dance Smash”
Xu Andi***
Xu Shengen1996/4/3177cm“Idol Producer”, “The Rap of China”, NGC_Kepler11
Xu Yihang2000/3/21
Xu Zhaohao1998/2/2APLUS
Xu Zhenxuan***180cm
Xue Conglin***186cm
Xue En1998/8/21182cm“Show Star”, C.T.O
Yan An2000/10/27184cm
Yang Bingzhuo1999/2/24188cm“All For One”
Yang Chaowen***178cm
Yang Chaoyang1999/10/26177cm“Youth With You”
Yang Cheng***YESCAMP
Yang Yue1996/9/4AZA
Yang Zixin1996/11/15180cmSuper Boy, “Sing or Spin”, C.T.O
Yuan Linqing1998/5/3173cm
Zhan Shiwei1997/1/8175cm“Show Star”, C.T.O
Zhan Yu1997/6/21182cm“Youth With You”, Mr.TyGer
Zhang Chaoxi2000/2/12
Zhang Mingxuan1996/11/21189cm“Produce Camp 2019′, “Street Dance of China”
Zhang Tianci***170cm
Zhen Nan1993/9/27180cm“Youth With You”, Mr.TyGer
Zheng Renyu1996/8/13“Super idol”, “The Coming One”
Zi Yu***178cm
Zuli Yaer1999/8/28188cm
Zuo Linjie2002/1/30
Zuo Qibo1992/1/19182cmSWIN, “Super idol”, “The Next Top Bang”, “Super Boy 2015”, “Super Boy 2015”
Zuo Ye2001/3/18180cm“Idol Producer”Awaken-F

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