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Various Geeks – Zhang Liang, Xin Zhilei

Various Geeks is a crime mystery comedy directed by Liu Shiliu, starring Zhang Liang, Xin Zhilei, Da Li, Li Yixiang, Wang Deshun, Wang Yiran, Liu Xianda, Wang Jinxin, Wang Lei, Hou Xiang, Han Pengyi, Han Zhi, and Gan Yunchen, with Liu Yiwei, Zhao Yingjun, Wang Yanhui, Li Jing, Pei Kuishan, and Li Yiling in special appearances.

The film tells the story of a huge sum of money that triggers a farce, a humorous interpretation of the world's view of money and affection.


Various Geeks

English Title: Various Geeks
Chinese Title: 失而复得
Other Titles: 笨蛋都到齐了
Genre: Crime, Suspense, Comedy, Drama
Duration: 91 min.
Director: Liu Shiliu
Writer: Liu Shiliu, Shao Peixun
Released Date: 2023-10-28
Boradcast Website: -



If one million US dollars were placed in front of you, would you want to get it?

Zhang Bo, who had returned from overseas, was entrusted with the task of taking one million US dollars out of the country, while his childhood friend, Feng Leqi, was diligently investigating a counterfeit money case.

The two, along with people from all walks of life who are fond of money, unexpectedly become entangled in the trap of one million US dollars.

Real and fake banknotes, ambiguous emotions, everyone becomes a player in this game, and a captivating drama is unfolding.


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