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TNT – Teens’ Dream Travel(少年梦游记)

EP01: TNT’s Suffering Times! Severe Coach and his cadets!

EP02: TNT’s military training! Wild Boy’s on the line! Anti-tackle the instructor?

EP03: TNT’s part-time work record, Sales are not good?

EP04: TNT is also need the KPI. The harder thing than making money is making customers spend it!

EP05: TNT’s kindergarten opening? The seven teenagers are utterly confused in taking care of children.

EP06: TNT “Calabash Brothers” is online! That’s what zero cost sitcoms should be played!

EP07: TNT Martial Arts Group? The collective stretching make boys wailed all over the place!

EP08: TNT Directors go live! A martial arts drama is in the works!

EP09: TNT’S Picnic! Picking vegetables and making fires in the field? It’s so hard to have a meal!

EP10: Dream Hot Air Balloon and Mini Glider First Experience!

EP11: Playground part-time experience with barbecue and toy sales

EP12: Finale! TNT’s report show! The teenager’s drema travel is over and they will have a bright future.

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