R1SE – Super R1SE (Super R1SE·蓄能季)

  • EP01: Start the Team Building Session, R1SE gets a snack in the motor homes, feeds horses, and gets scared.
  • EP02: R1SE battle with elementary school students in kayaking competition, barbecue party, and Dance.
  • EP03: Role-playing game burned the brain, R1se keep ask Questions: Who am I?
  • EP04: The ending of the role-playing game, R1SE do a brainstorm.
  • EP05: R1SE’s bakery is opening, the chefs and foodies show them ability.
  • EP06: R1SE welcomes the 100th day of the debut and makes a cake for a celebration.
  • EP07: New Mv’s Practice, R1SE members are rolling and crawling around in a variety of situations.
  • EP08: The R1SE Trampoline Special is here, and the Princess Hugging Challenge is very interesting.
  • EP09: The R1SE Fancy Battle upgrade and the Trampoline Relay is exciting throughout!
  • EP10: R1SE Amusement Park special, the roller coaster ride makes members scream.
  • EP11: R1SE Amusement Park Challenge Upgrade! Jumping machine + sledgehammer + rapids =?
  • EP12: R1SE dormitory life is open to the public → to buy food, cook, billiards, and basketball everything is here!
  • EP13: The R1SE Cup basketball game start and the reappearance of “Wicked Cuisine” triggered a dinner crisis?
  • EP14: R1SE’s Hidden Technique Revealed, Surprise Single ‘HAVE FUN’ was Released!

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