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Perfect Wedding – Yang Zi, Qiao Zhenyu

Perfect Wedding is an urban romantic drama directed by Zeng Xiaoxin, starring Yang Zi, Qiao Zhenyu, Zhu Yin, and Wu Gang.

The drama is based on urban life and tells the love story of Xia Ran, a wedding planner, and Jin Zhihao, a plastic surgeon.


Perfect Wedding

English Title: Perfect Wedding
Chinese Title: 大嫁风尚
Genre: Urban, Romance
Tag: Older Man/Younger Woman, Fake Relationship, Fake Marriage, Strong Female Lead, Heartbreak, Family Relationship
Episodes: 44
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zeng Xiaoxin
Writer: Chen Shu, Liu Qian
Producer: Chen Dongdong
Released Date: 2016-06-29
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo



Xia Ran, a wedding planner, is suddenly asked by her boyfriend Jiang Jiannan to break up with her.

When Jiang Jiannan goes missing, Xia Ran wants to find Jiang Jiannan to ask the truth, so by chance she meets Jin Zhihao, a young doctor who rents a flat with Jiang Jiannan.

In order to dispel his mother's suspicion that he has not been in love for years, Jin Zhihao and Xia Ran make a deal: Xia Ran pretends to be Jin Zhihao's girlfriend; Jin Zhihao helps Xia Ran find Jiang Jiannan.

Afterwards, they solve many cases together, helping others to fulfil their dreams and find happiness.

Gradually, they develop an affection for each other. Unexpectedly, Jin's first girlfriend Nie Xuan appears.

Jin Zhihao learns the truth about Nie Xuan's leaving at the time.

When Xia Ran sees this, she wants to make her exit to fulfill Nie Xuan and Jin Zhihao's love.

When Jin Zhihao is confronted with Nie Xuan's fierce pursuit, he realises that responsibility is no substitute for love; he and Xia Ran meet again, hug each other tightly and promise to face all problems together.

Seeing Jin Zhihao and Xia Yan's sincere love for each other, Nie Xuan understands the true meaning of love. Love is not easy to come by, and at Xia Ran's nephew's full moon reception, everyone gathers together...


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