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Love of Thousand Years – Zheng Yecheng, Zhao Lusi

Love of Thousand Years is a historical romantic fantasy drama directed by Hui Yu, starring Zheng Yecheng, Zhao Lusi, Liu Yitong, and Wang Mengli, with Jiang Yiyi in a special appearance.

The drama is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Shisi Lang, which tells the love story of Qin Chuan, a hot-blooded princess of the Li Kingdom, who changes her name and practices immortal magic in order to restore her country. She is guarded by Fu Jiuyun for a thousand years and Fu Jiuyun even gives up his life to make it whole.


Love of Thousand Years

English Title: Love of Thousand Years
Chinese Title: 三千鸦杀
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Hui Yu
Writer: Zhao Tianyou
Producer: Lu Tian
Product Company: MGTV, FORCE CULTURE
Broadcasting Website: MGTV, YOUKU, Viki, Prime Video, Idol&Romance, Fresh Drama
Released Date: March 19, 2020


Zheng Yecheng Zheng Yecheng as Fu Jiuyun
Zhao Lusi Zhao Lusi as Qin Chuan/A Man
Liu Yitong Liu Yitong as Zuo Zichen
Wang Mengli Wang Mengli as Xuan Zhu
Jiang Yiyi Jiang Yiyi as Di Nv
Dai Yunfan Dai Yunfan as Li Yuan
Mao Fangyuan Mao Fangyuan as Ting Yuan


In ancient times, the important minister of Li Kingdom secretly collaborated with the enemy Tian Yuan kingdom, which led to the destruction of Li kingdom. Fu Jiuyun saved Princess Qin Chuan.

After witnessing the suffering of the people of the world being enslaved by the Tian Yuan Kingdom, Qin Chuan vowed to find the ancient spirit lamp in order to save the people of the world.

Qin Chuan and Fu Jiuyun fell in love and worked together to find the lamp. But they learned that Fu Jiuyun’s true identity was the wick of the lamp. Fu Jiuyun will disappear when the lamp is turned on, and the person who turns on the lamp will also be sacrificed.

When they were determined to sacrifice to save the lives of the people in the disaster, Qin Chuan’s cousin sister opened the spirit lamp for her at the critical moment, so Fu Jiuyun disappeared.

Missing Fu Jiuyun, Qin Chuan touched the spirit lamp again. Their spirit and great love moved the gods, they finally reunited.

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