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Fall in Love With My King – Deng Kai, Pa Li

Fall in Love With My King is a historical romantic film directed by Yan Zhi, starring Deng Kai, Pa Li, Li Zhiying, Cao Jie, and Wang Kuirong.


Fall in Love With My King

English Title: Fall in Love With My King
Chinese Title: 将军诺
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy
Duration: 94 min.
Director: Yan Zhi
Released Date: 2020-12-20
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, Viki, iQIYI MOVIE THEATER



On the day of the wedding, the bride rushed over and affectionately called out to the general, but the general waved his hand and pushed her to the ground. The red veil fell off, revealing the face of a young girl. She coquettishly said, "General, you are the most handsome person I've ever seen." The general was captivated, feeling a sense of familiarity with this girl. Five years ago, in the general's military camp, a spy from an enemy nation was captured. However, a young girl had cunningly drugged him and took the assassin away from the camp. This nightmarish event had always been a deep humiliation for the general. He swore to find her and torment her mercilessly. And now, he discovered that this girl, who had refused to consummate their marriage since marrying him, was the one who had tricked him. The wheels of fate turned, and this time, he finally had a chance to turn the tables. However, she wasn't so easily defeated. By marrying him, she was acting on someone else's orders, sent to steal his most important possession.


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