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Estelle Chen

Estelle Chen (Chen Yihan,陈意涵), born on October 17, 1997, in Fujian, is a Chinese actress and singer.

In 2018, she participated in “Produce 101″(China) and finally achieved 14th place. On March 22, 2021, the romantic comedy “In Love With Your Dimples” in which she starred was aired.

Basic Info

Estelle Chen

Stage Name: Chen Yihan(陈意涵)
English Name: Estelle Chen
Nicknames: Ai Fei Er(爱菲儿), Xiao Chen Zong
Birthday: October 17, 1997
Place of Birth: Putian, Fujian
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 163cm
Weight: 40kg
Blood Type: –
Fandom Name: Yi Zhong Ren
Weibo: 陈意涵Estelle


  1. Her agent is Xin Xi Culture.
  2. Her family is very wealthy.
  3. She has loved music since she was a child.
  4. She can write lyrics, compose and play the piano.
  5. Likes to watch romantic and horror movies.
  6. Favorite Movies: Titanic, Werewolf Boy, Black Swan.
  7. She must bring a sun umbrella when she goes out.
  8. She likes to stay at home.
  9. Likes to play mobile games.
  10. Favorite anime character Doraemon and Sailor Moon.
  11. She doesn’t gain weight easily.
  12. Ideal Type Boyfriend: she likes boys who like music, can play piano and other instruments.


  • Please Enlighten Me(余生,请多指教)(Lin Zhixiao)(2021)
  • Super Juvenile Incident(超能事件)(Zi Lin)(2019)
  • 大唐妖物志杀人凤凰(Shangguan Qingqing)(2018)
  • 灵魂纸扎店(Xiao An)(2016)
  • The High School Fighters)(拳皇高校(Qin Lan)(2016)

Television Series

  • My Centenarian Sweetheart(我的百岁恋人)(Jin Xiao Yu)(TBA)
  • In Love With Your Dimples(恋恋小酒窝)(Tang Shuangli)(2021)
  • Dance of the Phoenix(且听凤鸣)(Yin Zhao Ge)(2020)
  • Fairyland Lovers(蓬莱间)(Xiao Xiao)(2020)
  • Rules of Zoovenia(不可思议的晴朗)(Dong Xin)(2019)
  • My Three Fathers(爸爸父亲爹)(He Xing’er)(2015)

Television Shows

  • Produce 101 China(创造101)(2018)
  • Dunk of China(这!就是灌篮)(2018)
  • Perfect Restaurant(完美的餐厅)(2018)

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