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Xu Yiyang (徐艺洋) Profile

Xu Yiyang

Xu Yiyang(徐艺洋), born on September 12, 1997, in Nanchong, Sichuan, is a Chinese pop singer and contestant of Chuang 2020. She was a member of LEGAL HIGH.

In 2021, the romantic drama Timeless Love in which she played the lead role was aired.

Basic Info

Xu Yiyang

Stage Name: Xu Yiyang
Chinese Name: Xu Yi Yang(徐艺洋)
Nickname: Yang Yang, Ying Ying
Place of Birth: Nanchong, Sichuan
Nationality: China
Birthday: September 12, 1997 (Age: 26)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 168cm (5'6")
Weight: 48kg (105.6 lbs)
Blood Type: -
Fandom Name: Sweater (Wei Yi)
Fandom Color: #F9C1B2#FFFFFF
Instagram: lt_xuyiyang
Weibo: 徐艺洋-Yiyang


  1. Xu Yiyang ranked #8 in CHUANG2020.
  2. Her agency is L.TAO Entertainment.
  3. Her Boss and her favorite idol is Z.TAO.
  4. She left for Korea when she was 15 years old.
  5. She was a trainee of SM and a member of SMROOKIES.
  6. Her best friend in CHUANG2020 is Liu Xiening.
  7. She likes sweaters.
  8. She described herself as the peach.
  9. She likes singing more than dancing.
  10. Xu Yiyang likes more sweaty food than spicy one.
  11. She doesn't like durian.


TV Show


  • Listen(聆听)(2020-7-16)
  • The Next Top Band(下一站传奇)(2018-10-21)
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