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Perfect Her – Luo Zheng, Xu Yiyang

Perfect Her is an urban romance drama, directed by Shen Wenshuai and starring Luo Zheng and Xu Yiyang, with a special appearance by Song Yixing, and featuring Du Yuchen, Yang Bingzhuo, Huang Xiaoge, and Wen Qin.

The series tells the story of Bai Li, a housewife who experiences betrayal and subsequently finds a new lease on life.




Perfect Her

English Title: Perfect Her
Chinese Title: 完美的她
Genre: Romance, Urban
Tag: Body Swap, Identity Swap, Revenge, Adapted from a Manhua
Episodes: 20
Duration: 35 min.
Director: Shen Wenshuai
Released Date: 2024-05-14
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



At the tenth anniversary celebration of Bai Li's marriage to her husband Ye Yunkai, she encounters Su Yu, her junior from university. At this point, Su Yu is already Ning Mochen's boyfriend. Bai Li discovers her husband's infidelity, which was orchestrated by Ning Mochen, who is the other woman.

Following an accident, Bai Li and Ning Mochen fall into the water and their souls switch bodies. Bai Li, now with the soul of the other woman, awakens and begins her path of revenge. The virtuous wife and the malicious woman swap souls, donning new masks to achieve a dramatic reversal of fortune.


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