2022 Chinese Drama List

Nothing But You – Wang Herun, Luo Zheng

Nothing But You is an urban romance drama, directed by Lan Zhiwei, with Wang Herun and Luo Zheng in the lead roles, Zheng Xiyi in a special appearance, co-starring Ding Jiawen, Su Xiaoding, Wang Yitian, and Zhou Yuting.

This drama is adapted from the youth novel “He Came Against the Light / 他逆光而来” by author Zuo Tong.



My Eyes Are Full Of You

English Title: Nothing But You
Chinese Title: 眼里余光都是你
Genre: Urban, Romance
Episodes: 24
Duration: 35 min
Director: Lan Zhiwei
Writer: Wang Lifeng
Producer: Wang Liao
Broadcasting Website: iQIYI
Released Date: January 10, 2022


Wang Herun Wang Herun as Jiang Lili / Bi Xiaoran
Luo Zheng Luo Zheng as Lai Zhengyi
Yumiko Cheng Yumiko Cheng as Ning Xia
Ding Jiawen Ding Jiawen as Qin Liaofei
Su Xiaoding Su Xiaoding as Lai Zhengling
Wang Yitian Wang Yitian as Ding Dong


Jiang Lili, a “loser” who was forced to pretend to be her twin sister because of an accident, gradually becomes a better person and gains love after experiencing the extremely contrasting lives of her sister and herself.

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