2023 Chinese Drama List

The Monkey King 3 – Neo Hou, Bai Lu

The Monkey King 3 is a historical drama directed by Huang Zuquan, starring Neo Hou Minghao, Bai Lu,  Ao Quan, and Huang Zheng.

The drama tells the story of the emotional entanglement between Tang Monk and the King of the Land of Daughters before he became a monk. After helping the King of the Land of Daughters regain her throne, he embarks on the journey to the West to get the scriptures.


The Monkey King 3

English Title: The Monkey King 3
Chinese Title: 西游记女儿国
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Adventure
Episodes: 36
Duration: -
Director: Huang Zuquan
Writer: Wang Zhuoting
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -


  • Neo HouJiang Liuer/ Tang SengMain Role
  • Bai LuWu ShuangMain Role
  • Zeng LiNational BuddhistSupport Role


The drama is about the emotional entanglement between Wushuang, the king of the Land of Daughters, and Jiang Liu'er, the former life of Tang monk, before she succeeds the throne, and eventually Wu Shuang succeeds the throne of the Land of Daughters with the help of Jiang Liu'er.


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