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Northwards – Bai Lu, Ou Hao

Northwards is a drama directed by Yao Xiaofeng, starring Bai Lu, Tu Ling, Chu Shuanzhong, Ou Hao, Hu Jun, Qi Huan,Yue Yang, Liu Min, Zhai Zilu, Wang Xueqi, Li Naiwen, Tong Lei, Gao Zhiting, Sa Ri Na, Li Wanda, Liu Weiwei, Zhu Tie, Liu Hengfu.

The drama is based on Xu Zechen's novel of the same name. The film tells the story of six young people who grew up along the canal. A section of the post-90s in the hometown of Flower Street spent innocent and youthful teenage years, all the way north along the river in pursuit of their ideals, and then return to their hometown along the river. When the glory or failure has become the past, they are rooted in Flower Street construction of the hometown.



English Title: Northwards
Chinese Title: 北上
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Yao Xiaofeng
Writer: Zhao Dongling
Producer: Zhang Shuwei
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -



In the summer of 2000, Ma Siyi, a ten-year-old girl whose life is a mystery, arrives at Flower Street by the canal. Due to her extraordinary appearance, she becomes the most popular person on Flower Street.

Three teenagers, Xie Wanghe, Xingchi, and Haikuo, have always been around Ma Siyi, standing up for her when some punks come to harass her.

After an accident in high school, Ma Siyi's brother and grandmother passed away and Ma Siyi disappeared. Chen Rui stays in his hometown for school, while Xie Wanghe, Xingchi, Haikuo, and Da Huazi, reunite in Beijing. Da Huazi has contracted a delivery point, Xie Wanghe works for an internet company doing local life services, and Haikuo works as an engineer in another big internet factory. Only Xingchi is still muddling through his days.

Because of the sudden appearance of Ma Siyi, the young boys and girls who grew up together come together again. However, the pressure of competition and life has put them all in a state of confusion.

After eight years of absence from their hometowns, the teenagers of that year return to Flower Street on the Canal one after another, except for Ma Siyi. But just when everyone sees the hope of a new life, Ma Siyi is also on the way back.


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