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Ping Pong – Bai Jingting, Timmy Xu

Ping Pong is a sport drama, directed by Cheng Hao and Li Jia,  led by Bai Jingting and Xu Weizhou, co-starring Wan Guopeng and Bian Yiming, Hong Bingyao, Shen Nan, with Han Qiaosheng, Liu Zhibing, Wang Jianxin, Gao Dongping, Xu Seng and Zhao Chengshun in special roles.

The drama tells the story of Xu Tan, a "growing up" ping pong player, who meets Yu Kenan, a talented ping pong player, on the ping pong field.


Ping Pong

English Title: Ping Pong
Chinese Title: 荣耀乒乓
Genre: Youth, Sport
Tag: Bromance, Shy Male Lead, Competition, Coming of Age, Slight Romance, Olympics
Episodes: 44
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Cheng Hao, Li Jia
Writer: Li Jia
Producer: Dai Ying, An Rong
Product Company: iQIYI, Dream Media, Give Me Five
Released Date: 2021-03-09
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



Xu Tan is a shy person who, under the influence of his ping-pong-loving grandfather, started to learn ping-pong to strengthen his body.

Later, when he was facing the prospect of leaving ping-pong, he was discovered by the talent scout.

Through strict technical, physical and psychological guidance, he eventually overcame all kinds of hardships and pressure to become the most comprehensive and reliable absolute starter of the team.

Yu Kenan, a brutal and unruly player, learned ping-pong with his father, a former national ping-pong player, and aspired to become a world champion from a young age.

They grew up together, experiencing and witnessing a period in the history of Chinese ping-pong, and eventually standing at opposite ends of the highest ping-pong table in the world for the sake of national honor and life’s ambitions.


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