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Love is Panacea – Luo Yunxi, Zhang Ruonan

Love is Panacea is an urban romantic drama directed by Mou Xiaojie, led by Luo Yunxi and Zhang Ruonan, co-starring Wang Yiting, Qian Didi, Li Jiahao, and Zhao Mengshu.

The drama is based on the novel “治愈者 / Zhi Yu Zhe” by Ning Meng Yu Yan, which tells the story of Gu Yunzheng, a neurosurgeon who meets Su Wei’an, a medical girl suffering from a rare disease, on an aid mission in Africa. They develop a mutual affection for each other when working together. They cure each other as they fight against Huntington’s chorea.



Love is Panacea

English Title: Love is Panacea
Chinese Title: 爱情遇见达尔文
Genre: Urban, Romance, Medical
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Mou Xiaojie
Writer: Shi Ruomin, Hua Jiao Studio
Released Date:
Boradcast Website: Youku



Su Wei’an, a medical student carrying a rare gene for Huntington’s disease, meets Gu Yunzheng, a Chinese neurosurgeon working in Africa.

They go from disliking each other to overcoming obstacles and becoming close partners in their lives and research careers.

With the encouragement and support of Gu Yunzheng, Su Wei’an takes courage and faces up to the limited time she has to live. She works together with Gu Yunzheng to research and combat Huntington’s chorea.

Su Wei’an donates her body to scientific research after her death due to an experimental accident, and Gu Yunzheng is fully committed to raising their children to join the medical field so that the medical research career for the benefit of mankind can be passed on from generation to generation.

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