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Love is Panacea – Luo Yunxi, Zhang Ruonan

Love is Panacea is an urban romantic drama directed by Mou Xiaojie, led by Luo Yunxi and Zhang Ruonan, co-starring Wang Yiting, Qian Didi, Li Jiahao, and Zhao Mengshu.

The drama is based on the novel "治愈者 / Zhi Yu Zhe" by Ning Meng Yu Yan, which tells the story of Gu Yunzheng, a neurosurgeon who meets Su Wei'an, a medical girl suffering from a rare disease, on an aid mission in Africa. They develop a mutual affection for each other when working together. They cure each other as they fight against Huntington's chorea.



Love is Panacea

English Title: Love is Panacea
Chinese Title: 治愈系恋人
Other Titles: 爱情遇见达尔文, 治愈你
Genre: Urban, Romance, Medical
Tag: Illness, Doctor Male Lead, Neurosurgeon Male Lead, Rare Disease, Researcher Female Lead, Sad Ending
Episodes: 34
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Mou Xiaojie
Writer: Teng Xiaoneng, Shi Ruomin, Sun Bibo, Yin Gelan, Hu Xin
Producer: Ma Jun, Zhou Jing, Hu Xin, Yan Dandan, Zhao Xiaobo
Released Date: 2023-11-02
Broadcast Website: Youku,, Viki



Su Wei'an, a medical student carrying a rare gene for Huntington's disease, meets Gu Yunzheng, a Chinese neurosurgeon working in Africa.

They go from disliking each other to overcoming obstacles and becoming close partners in their lives and research careers.

With the encouragement and support of Gu Yunzheng, Su Wei'an takes courage and faces up to the limited time she has to live. She works together with Gu Yunzheng to research and combat Huntington's chorea.

Su Wei'an donates her body to scientific research after her death due to an experimental accident, and Gu Yunzheng is fully committed to raising their children to join the medical field so that the medical research career for the benefit of mankind can be passed on from generation to generation.


On the 478th day of Gu Yunzheng's distant mission to Raqqa for medical assistance, he suddenly received a call to go to Linshi to guide a major surgery for a patient with heart failure and a massive brain tumor. He immediately returned to Raqqa and prepared to perform the surgery himself. Their mission here was twofold: to save more lives in challenging local medical conditions and to teach the local doctors so that they could continue providing the best treatment to patients after their departure.

Since the patient had fallen from a great height and was in critical condition, and due to limited medical facilities, they could only perform basic wound dressing for now. Further treatment had to wait until Gu Yunzheng returned. Gu Yunzheng arranged for them to prepare for the surgery, with the surgery set to begin within the next hour.

At the airport, Su Weian was promoting her purchased Maotai liquor to tourists when she was accused of selling fake alcohol. At a crucial moment, their tour guide stepped in to help, working in harmony with Su Weian to persuade the tourists to buy the liquor. When Gu Yunzheng took a long time to get a taxi, it caught Su Weian's attention, and she realized he was a wealthy individual, so she wanted to make a profit.

Su Weian promised to get Gu Yunzheng to the hospital within fifty minutes and revealed her "ride," which turned out to be a motorcycle, much to Gu Yunzheng's amusement. However, when Gu Yunzheng removed his sunglasses, Su Weian was astonished to find that he was a teacher who had taught her in college and someone she had admired. She became flustered and couldn't refund the money in time.

On their way to the hospital, they encountered heavy traffic, so Su Weian had to take a shortcut with Gu Yunzheng on the motorcycle. Upon arriving at the hospital, Gu Yunzheng immediately focused on the surgery, and in the process, left some of his belongings in the motorcycle. Su Weian did not leave right away but waited outside. She received a call from her best friend Jiang Muying.

Su Weian had been a top student at Hua Ren Medical University and was supposed to go to Paris for further studies, but she suddenly left the medical field and went to Raqqa to do small business, keeping it a secret from her family. Jiang Muying had become suspicious of Su Weian and flew to Raqqa alone to find her, asking her to come pick her up in her car.

While they were talking, they heard a loud crash in the distance, and when Su Weian looked, she saw a car accident, which brought back memories of her father, Su Jianguo's, death. Due to the critical situation, Su Weian didn't have time to explain but quickly adjusted her emotions and began to rescue the injured. She had to perform a craniotomy using an electric drill, which appeared quite terrifying to onlookers. Some people even thought she was committing a murder, and in the panic, they called the police.

After confirming that the patient had been taken to the hospital, Su Weian finally felt relieved. However, she turned around and found that her motorcycle had disappeared. While Su Weian was searching for her motorcycle, she was mistakenly arrested by the police as a murderer. In her desperation, she had to pay the officers to let her make a phone call and contact Jiang Muying to bring reinforcements.

Gu Yunzheng carefully observed the patient they had received and developed a great interest in the person who had performed the craniotomy on the patient without doing a CT scan first. It was clear that this person had the potential to become a skilled surgeon. Jiang Muying received the news and hurried to the hospital, where she found Gu Yunzheng through Fang Mingfan.

Initially, Gu Yunzheng wasn't interested in the matter of bail, but when he heard that the person they were trying to save needed immediate help, he couldn't help but be curious. He agreed to go to the police station with Jiang Muying to provide testimony. Inside the police station, when they looked at each other, they were both surprised. Gu Yunzheng realized that Su Weian's name sounded very familiar, and upon closer recollection, he remembered that she used to be his student and had postponed her exams to save someone.

Gu Yunzheng had believed that Su Weian would become an excellent doctor, and he was surprised that she had dropped out. He asked Su Weian why she did that, and she lied, saying she just wanted to make money and that studying medicine was too difficult and financially challenging. This response left Gu Yunzheng quite displeased. Since Su Weian didn't have enough money to pay the fine, she had to ask Gu Yunzheng to pay it on her behalf. Before leaving, Gu Yunzheng warned her that his students don't desert their studies midway and that if he caught her performing unauthorized medical procedures again, he would cooperate with the police to bring her to justice.

Despite Su Weian's external explanation that she dropped out to make money, her best friend Jiang Muying believed that her decision was related to something that had happened in the past. Su Weian intended to deliver the liquor to the General's Mansion, but her day had been full of misfortune, as she had to compensate for the damaged car and lost liquor. Her home had also been searched by the people from the General's Mansion. Jiang Muying suggested that Su Weian could work as a French translator based on a job opening they had seen at the hospital. This would not only provide her with employment but also help her avoid the General's Mansion's pursuit.

To avoid the General's Mansion's pursuit, Jiang Muying and Su Weian applied for positions as French translators at Friendly Hospital. However, Gu Yunzheng, disliking deserters, refused her application decisively. A foreign doctor came to Gu Yunzheng with a patient report, and before Fang Mingfan could pull out the translator, Su Weian accurately translated the content.

This impressed Gu Yunzheng, and he agreed to give her a one-month trial period. Su Weian also wanted Jiang Muying to apply as a French translator and promised to teach her to become a qualified translator. After some negotiation between Su Weian and Gu Yunzheng, they both moved into the hospital dormitory.

The next morning, Su Weian brought Jiang Muying back to their previous residence and found people from the General's Mansion waiting outside. The landlord's son, Sakun, was someone Su Weian cared deeply for, as his father had died of AIDS, and he was also infected with the disease, with an irresponsible mother. For this reason, Sakun often regarded Su Weian as a mother figure. Su Weian was concerned about Sakun's condition and learned that he had deteriorated recently, but his mother hadn't considered taking him to the hospital.

While Su Weian was on her way back and focused on searching for her belongings, she didn't notice that her Hua Ren Medical University student ID card had fallen on the ground. Gu Yunzheng picked it up and was curious about why she still kept this card. When Jiang Muying helped Su Weian pack her things, she unexpectedly discovered that Su Weian had purchased accidental insurance with her mother as the beneficiary. Su Weian quickly hid the insurance policy, feeling somewhat heavy-hearted. She tried to persuade Jiang Muying to return to their home country earlier, but Jiang Muying didn't agree and felt that Su Weian had changed.

That evening, Su Weian secretly sneaked into the pharmacy to steal prescription medication, only to be caught red-handed by Gu Yunzheng. To prevent herself from being exposed, Su Weian quickly grabbed Gu Yunzheng and covered his mouth until the administrator left. The two of them were locked in the pharmacy due to the administrator's actions, and their phones had no signal due to the heavy rain. In the process of their struggle, Gu Yunzheng's bracelet was accidentally damaged.

To make amends for her guilt, Su Weian took the initiative to help Gu Yunzheng reassemble his bracelet, arranging the beads with letters to spell "Dark Night Rainbow." The meaning behind these words was known only to Gu Yunzheng himself, and it reminded him of a conflict he had with his half-brother in the past. Initially, Su Weian thought the bracelet was a gift from Gu Yunzheng's girlfriend, but when she heard his denial, she couldn't hide her small delight.

Because of the administrator, Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian had to spend the night together. The next morning, Su Weian woke up and found herself leaning on Gu Yunzheng's shoulder, which startled her. She quickly sat up and cautiously examined Gu Yunzheng's profile. Gu Yunzheng asked Su Weian why she wanted to steal medication, and Su Weian explained that she was doing it to help a friend. In this world, not everyone could afford medical treatment.

Although Gu Yunzheng understood that Su Weian was desperate to help someone, as a doctor, he couldn't show favoritism. He demanded that Su Weian must provide the prescription medication and bring the child to the hospital within twenty-four hours, no matter how difficult the situation. Sakun suddenly vomited, exacerbating his condition, so Su Weian forcibly took him to the hospital. She gave all the money she had to Sakun's mother, unaware that she would reveal Su Weian's whereabouts to the General's Mansion.

Gu Yunzheng personally performed surgery on Sakun, with Su Weian acting as the translator. Ultimately, Sakun's condition improved. Members of the General's Mansion barged in to take Su Weian, but Gu Yunzheng, with a surgical knife at the leader's throat, reprimanded them, warning them not to take any Chinese people from Friendly Hospital. They had no choice but to leave.

Considering that Sakun's mother had no money and no sense of responsibility, Su Weian was willing to bear all the expenses. Jiang Muying privately asked Fang Mingfan about Gu Yunzheng's situation, and Fang Mingfan thought that Jiang Muying liked Gu Yunzheng, feeling somewhat uncomfortable about it. However, Jiang Muying's true intention was to match Su Weian and Gu Yunzheng, so that when Gu Yunzheng's mission was over, he could return to their home country with Su Weian.

Gu Yunzheng noticed that Sakun seemed to be in a bad mood and made a balloon glove to cheer him up. To his surprise, Sakun called Gu Yunzheng "Dad," which left him astonished. Su Weian came over to explain that Sakun, having lacked parental care since childhood, would call people who treated him kindly as "Dad" or "Mom." However, Sakun was resistant to undergoing a medical examination, disliking injections and medication.

Facing this situation, Gu Yunzheng promised Sakun that if he cooperated with the treatment and recovered, he would take him out to play. It was Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian's comforting words that persuaded Sakun to cooperate and be obedient. To fulfill his promise, Gu Yunzheng took an unprecedented day off, taking Su Weian and Sakun out for a day of fun, appearing as a happy family to everyone.

As they were enjoying their time, a motorcycle came speeding toward them, and Su Weian was almost hit while protecting Sakun. Fortunately, Gu Yunzheng shielded her from harm in time. This incident left Su Weian with a racing heart, and she recalled the heartwarming memory of Gu Yunzheng appearing as a witness when she missed her exam due to saving someone. It was from this moment that Su Weian silently started liking Gu Yunzheng and buried her feelings deep in her heart.

On the way back, Sakun accidentally fell and injured his arm, causing profuse bleeding. Su Weian, aware of Sakun's poor blood clotting function, knew that it required immediate stitching. Unfortunately, the hospital experienced a sudden power outage. Su Weian held a flashlight to assist Gu Yunzheng in performing the stitching surgery. Due to low blood sugar, Su Weian nearly fainted, and Gu Yunzheng hurriedly supported her. The close proximity between them created a somewhat ambiguous atmosphere.

That night, Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian had a late-night meal in the dormitory. Su Weian watched as Gu Yunzheng not only cooked noodles but also added two poached eggs to them. She was moved by his thoughtfulness, which reminded her of her own father. Gu Yunzheng assumed that Su Weian dropped out of school because of her father, but she denied it and emphasized that she wanted to make money.

However, Gu Yunzheng completely doubted her explanation since she was someone willing to be mistaken for a murderer to save patients and pay for the treatment of a non-blood-related child with AIDS. Su Weian did not offer any further explanation. During this time, Jiang Muying and Fang Mingfan entered, making her hide under the table to prevent any misunderstandings.

Fang Mingfan sensed Gu Yunzheng's nervousness and, after a few attempts, confirmed that Su Weian was hiding under the table, though he decided not to reveal it. Gu Yunzheng quickly found an excuse to get the two of them to leave. However, when Su Weian left, she accidentally left behind her notebook. When Gu Yunzheng saw its contents, he discovered that Su Weian was a very meticulous person who kept track of every expense.

On that night, Gu Yunzheng had trouble sleeping and couldn't get Su Weian out of his mind. He was also becoming more and more puzzled by her. On the other hand, Jiang Muying analyzed Gu Yunzheng for Su Weian, but Su Weian didn't seem to understand the romantic fantasy that Jiang Muying was trying to create.

Gu Yunzheng's half-brother, Du Yuncheng, didn't study medicine but instead managed a pharmaceutical company, focusing on how to profit from patients. After work, Du Yuncheng brought financial reports to his grandfather, but his grandfather showed no interest, only inquiring about Gu Yunzheng's situation overseas. Since his grandfather had always opposed letting Du Yuncheng's mother into the family mansion, he had developed a strong dislike for Du Yuncheng. Moreover, their father frequently complained that Du Yuncheng didn't study medicine and always talked about Gu Yunzheng, fueling his jealousy toward Gu Yunzheng. In reality, during his college days, Du Yuncheng had a crush on a girl, and that girl was Su Weian. However, he had carefully prepared to confess his feelings to her but was met with her rejection.

Previously, the patient that Su Weian had urgently saved, a driver named Paje, had fully recovered. However, he didn't seem grateful but was rather anxious to know the identity of his lifesaver. When Paje saw the substantial medical expenses he needed to cover, he became very emotional and caused a scene in the hospital. Gu Yunzheng, hearing about this, worried that something might happen to Su Weian. He explained that he had signed the examination fees himself, and the blood test report was handed over to the police, having nothing to do with others.

This further infuriated Paje, and he attempted to physically assault Gu Yunzheng on the spot, but Gu Yunzheng's quick reflexes saved him. Hospital security hurriedly took Paje away. Su Weian felt guilty for not expecting that she had saved a reckless drunk driver with such a terrible attitude. However, Gu Yunzheng took responsibility on her behalf, leaving Su Weian deeply touched. She had wanted to bandage his wound, but the nurses had already done it.

Fang Mingfan, aware of Jiang Muying's intentions to matchmake her best friend with Gu Yunzheng, deliberately presented a few French translator resumes to Gu Yunzheng for review. As expected, Gu Yunzheng found flaws in all of them, stating that he would rather have fewer but better translators, and the search for a new translator shouldn't be rushed. Observant people could clearly see that Gu Yunzheng's attitude towards Su Weian had changed, which surprised Fang Mingfan.

To make up for her matchmaking efforts, Jiang Muying falsely claimed that Gu Yunzheng had prepared an invigorating tea for Su Weian. She also lied that Su Weian had washed Gu Yunzheng's clothes, causing the collars to wrinkle, but her efforts resulted in an awkward situation when everyone saw through the deceptions.

Early in the morning, Su Weian had to go to the morning market to secure the Chinese agency for coffee beans. Originally, Jiang Muying was supposed to go with her, but she overslept. Gu Yunzheng, who had gone out for morning exercise, encountered Su Weian as she was leaving, and his curiosity got the better of him. They were later ambushed by Paje and his associates in the alley.

In a critical moment, Su Weian stepped forward to shield Gu Yunzheng and took a blow to the head, causing profuse bleeding. Gu Yunzheng promptly rushed Su Weian to the hospital, and fortunately, her injury was only a minor concussion. On the other hand, Du Yuncheng visited the hospital to discuss business cooperation. The doctors emphasized that medication was meant to treat patients and save lives, so they had to be serious and meticulous in their work.

Through this incident, Gu Yunzheng's perception of Su Weian changed once again. He remembered how he was constantly teased by his schoolmates as an orphan with no mother, suffering from bullying. Even his father, who seemed indifferent, told him that tears were the most useless thing in the world. Now, seeing Su Weian risking her life to protect him, Gu Yunzheng's feelings became extremely complex.

Jiang Muying hesitated whether to inform Aunt Lan about Su Weian's injury, editing and deleting a text message several times. Fang Mingfan brought Jiang Muying some fried pancakes and patiently comforted her, eventually lifting her spirits. On the other side, Gu Yunzheng remained by Su Weian's bedside, taking care of her until she woke up and questioned why she saved him. Su Weian stubbornly told him a fabricated story.

Thinking about the past few days spent with Su Weian, Gu Yunzheng couldn't help but smile. He privately asked the nurses about Su Weian and was surprised to learn that Su Weian liked him. That night, Su Weian smelled the fragrance of the trees and couldn't resist going downstairs to enjoy it. Seeing Su Weian, who was simply dressed with minimal makeup and no fancy accessories, Gu Yunzheng's heart skipped a beat, and he became somewhat infatuated.

The General's mansion was still searching for Su Weian. The General believed that his severe headache was due to drinking the fake alcohol provided by Su Weian, but medical examination reports proved that he had no health issues. Gu Yunzheng had the cafeteria auntie specially deliver the wontons he had made to Su Weian. He falsely claimed that her condition had not yet improved, so she needed to stay in the hospital for observation.

Early in the morning, the soldiers from the General's mansion appeared at the Friendly Hospital. Su Weian initially thought they had come for her but discovered they were looking for Gu Yunzheng. Worried about Gu Yunzheng's safety, Su Weian implored General Kuoyat not to harm him. However, General Kuoyat was there for an examination and insisted that he was unwell. He threatened Gu Yunzheng that he had to perform brain surgery on him to find the "enemies" in his body. Gu Yunzheng had no choice but to agree.

After General Kuoyat left, Su Weian anxiously reminded Gu Yunzheng that he shouldn't have agreed so quickly. After all, none of the medical instruments had detected any issues. If he performed the surgery and didn't find any ailments, it would be considered a major medical accident, which meant he could never become a doctor.

Suddenly, a Frenchman walked in, and he was none other than General Kuoyat's attending physician, Elliot. He accused Gu Yunzheng of planning a fake surgery for fame, leading to a heated confrontation between the two. Despite not understanding Gu Yunzheng's actions, Su Weian strongly defended him. But Elliot stated that Gu Yunzheng was determined to perform the surgery, and he would invite experts from the Lakaya Health Committee to supervise the entire process.

Jiang Muying watched Elliot leave with an infatuated expression, remarking on how handsome he was. However, when she heard about Gu Yunzheng's risky decision to perform surgery on General Kuoyat, she couldn't help but worry. Later, Fang Mingfan and Jiang Muying searched for literature to help Gu Yunzheng get out of this predicament. Although Jiang Muying couldn't understand the content of the documents, she still agreed to stay and help with their categorization.

Upon learning about the situation, Su Weian's father, Du Yongsong, immediately called Gu Yunzheng to question his decision to perform the surgery. He mentioned that he had already sent a letter to the Friendly Hospital requesting them to communicate with the patient and cancel the surgery. Gu Yunzheng, however, refused and warned Du Yongsong that he wasn't worthy of mentioning his mother. Du Yongsong argued that it was Gu Yunzheng who had given up on their mother.

During their university days, Su Weian had fallen in love with Gu Yunzheng at first sight, secretly vowing to become a person as outstanding as him. Now, unable to bear seeing such an excellent person destroyed, she decided to bring two boxes of Moutai liquor to the General's mansion to apologize, hoping that General Kuoyat would spare Gu Yunzheng and not insist on the surgery.

General Kuoyat poured a glass of wine, which Su Weian promptly downed. Eventually, she became extremely drunk, and her behavior became unruly, leading to her being expelled from the General's mansion. Elliot saw her condition and quickly called Gu Yunzheng, asking him to come and pick up Su Weian personally.

Gu Yunzheng accompanied Su Weian back to the dorm, taking care of her with a mixture of anger and helplessness, unknowingly beginning to develop feelings for her. The next morning, Jiang Muying woke up to find Fang Mingfan lying next to her desk and couldn't help but lament his ordinary looks. She then closed her eyes to pretend to be asleep. Fang Mingfan, noticing Jiang Muying's makeup, offered to help her clean it up but ended up receiving a barrage of complaints from her.

When Su Weian woke up, she was still worried about Gu Yunzheng, but he was already quite confident in his decision. He had observed General Kuoyat's words and actions and deduced that the issue was located in the brainstem. As expected, after a more detailed and comprehensive examination, it was confirmed that General Kuoyat had abnormal signals in his brainstem.

On the day of the surgery, Elliot brought members of the local Health Committee to the operating room for supervision. General Kuoyat's guards were also present. During the procedure, Elliot and others questioned Gu Yunzheng's medical skills, especially when they saw abnormalities in the blood pressure monitor. The guard became agitated and pointed a gun at Gu Yunzheng, ordering him to stop the surgery.

Without hesitation, Su Weian stepped in front of the gun and told them they couldn't disrupt Gu Yunzheng's surgery. Gu Yunzheng completed the surgery quickly and successfully. Because of this, Elliot apologized to Gu Yunzheng for his earlier actions, and Su Weian finally breathed a sigh of relief. Gu Yunzheng reminded Su Weian not to act so impulsively in the future and not to risk her life.

Although the brain surgery was highly successful, the examination results for General Kuoyat showed that the malignancy of the tumor was very high. Even after removing all the affected tissues, it was challenging to control the recurrence rate of the malignant tumor. Therefore, he had no more than two years left. General Kuoyat received this grim news without sadness, as he had mentioned earlier that he was not afraid of death. He was only afraid of facing his enemies in the afterlife. Hence, he preferred to enjoy life to the fullest during the limited time he had, inviting everyone to the General's mansion for a New Year's party.

Su Weian and Jiang Muying dressed meticulously, stunning both Gu Yunzheng and Fang Mingfan. Unfortunately, Gu Yunzheng wasn't skilled at giving compliments. Elliot personally came to pick up Su Weian to go to the General's mansion, as Elliot's mentor was the French expert, Dr. Marta, who had been the first to research Huntington's disease twenty years ago. Su Weian agreed to become Elliot's dance partner to seize the opportunity to meet Dr. Marta.

However, when Gu Yunzheng saw the intimate interactions between Su Weian and Elliot, he couldn't help but feel jealous, which even surprised himself. Jiang Muying had believed she would meet her true love based on her zodiac sign, but instead, only Fang Mingfan appeared. She felt shocked and disappointed but found that Fang Mingfan was quite happy.

Approaching midnight at twelve o'clock, General Kuoyat attended the party, where he shared his medical condition with everyone. He hoped to have a joyful funeral while he was still alive, thanking Dr. Gu Yunzheng for helping him identify the enemy within his body, making it a regret-free experience. As he finished speaking, fireworks lit up the sky. According to local customs, people needed to kiss the person beside them to receive blessings. Gu Yunzheng saw Elliot approaching and passionately kissed Su Weian. To avoid Elliot's advances, Jiang Muying took the initiative and kissed Fang Mingfan.

The pharmaceutical company was facing financial difficulties, and Du Yuncheng attended various social gatherings to attract investors, which led to a stomachache due to excessive drinking. Wen Ran was deeply concerned about Du Yuncheng and wanted to take care of him at his home, but she received a polite rejection. In their university days, Su Weian, Wen Ran, and Du Yuncheng had been classmates. Later, rumors circulated that Su Weian had reported Wen Ran, her best friend, in a dispute, which ultimately led to her dropping out of school.

Du Yuncheng secretly investigated the reason behind Su Weian's departure and discovered that it was related to Huntington's disease. After graduating, he contacted Wen Ran's father on behalf of Jiehui Pharmaceuticals to discuss restarting the research on the new drug HDQ39 for Huntington's disease. He believed that if the research succeeded, Su Weian could return from France.

Without Su Weian as a translator, Gu Yunzheng realized that there was a barrier to communication between him and the patients. He understood her importance. Elliot came to the hospital to invite Su Weian for breakfast and coffee. He also proposed to take her to Paris, promising that she could become a member of Dr. Marta's Huntington's disease project team.

Later, Su Weian applied to resign from her position. At first, Gu Yunzheng misunderstood that her departure was due to the New Year's kiss. He hastily explained that he had done it to comply with local customs and asked her not to misunderstand. It was this explanation that solidified Su Weian's determination.

That night, Su Weian returned to her dorm to pack her belongings and lied about eloping with Elliot. However, Jiang Muying had already sensed that there was a hidden reason behind Su Weian's dropping out of school and was frustrated that Su Weian wouldn't be open with her. She left in anger. Gu Yunzheng wanted to console Su Weian, so he prepared breakfast for her, but he saw her praising herself to someone else, which secretly pleased him.

As Gu Yunzheng was about to hand the breakfast to Su Weian, she unexpectedly handed in her resignation letter, leaving him in emotional turmoil. He mistakenly believed Su Weian was leaving because of Elliot. Gu Yunzheng reminded Su Weian that, according to the contract, she needed to apply for resignation one week in advance and could only leave one week after applying. During this period, she was required to work as usual, and any absences would result in salary deductions.

Elliott admires and adores Su Weian and used Dr. Marta's Huntington's Dance Syndrome experiment as a topic to successfully get close to Su Weian. He even invited her to join the project in Paris. Gu Yunzheng regrets his "straight male speech" about the "New Year's kiss" and tries to make amends. He actively reaches out to Su Weian, but she insists on resigning, causing him to misunderstand that she is leaving the hospital because of Elliott.

Jiang Muying mobilizes everyone to try to keep Su Weian, even having Sakun pretend to worsen his condition. However, Su Weian sees through these tactics and remains determined to leave. She desperately avoids her feelings for Gu Yunzheng and insists on going to Paris. This breaks Gu Yunzheng's heart, and he can only respond calmly to her choice, refraining from making any more attempts to stop her.

Because of Su Weian's persistence and determination, Gu Yunzheng is reminded of his mother. This is the second time he has been abandoned after investing emotionally and hoping for a relationship. He feels very distressed about it. His grandfather calls to check on Gu Yunzheng and, hearing his woes, guesses that he must be in a relationship in Lacaya and is troubled by it.

Later, Gu Yunzheng assigns a pile of translation tasks to Su Weian, demanding that she completes them before leaving. Su Weian accepts the challenge and works through the night for several nights to finish them. Jiang Muying and Fang Mingfan intentionally create a private space for the two of them, turn off the power, and lock the door. Gu Yunzheng gathers his courage to confess his feelings to Su Weian. However, she firmly rejects him and claims to have feelings for Elliott.

This matchmaking attempt fails, and Jiang Muying is upset due to Su Weian's concealment of the truth. She stays in the dormitory, ignoring Su Weian. The next day, after completing a surgery on a patient, Gu Yunzheng learns that Su Weian's flight is scheduled for the afternoon. He hesitates for a long time before deciding whether to go see her. It's only when Jiang Muying hands him a voice recorder that he makes up his mind.

It turns out that before leaving, Su Weian left an intelligent voice recorder for Gu Yunzheng, filled with medical terms in French. This shows her thoughtfulness. Jiang Muying reveals to Gu Yunzheng that during her college years, Su Weian often wrote Gu Yunzheng's name all over her textbooks and aspired to be like him. Gu Yunzheng is surprised to hear this and decides to ride the motorcycle Su Weian lost to the airport to catch up with her.

On the way to the airport, Elliott shows a troubled expression and tries to convince Su Weian to join another research team. However, when Elliott learns that Su Weian carries the Huntington's Dance Syndrome disease-causing gene, he can't bring himself to deceive her anymore and confesses that Dr. Marta's experiment was a failure. Su Weian suddenly realizes that she had false hope and is overcome by despair.

When Gu Yunzheng hurriedly arrives at the airport, he finds Su Weian alone in a corner, looking lost and dejected. Back at the hospital, Gu Yunzheng tells Su Weian that if she really wants to go to France, there will be plenty of opportunities, and she can still make money here. He offers to help her with anything she wants to do.

At this moment, two suspicious men leave the hospital with a baby, and the baby's mother cries out, accusing them of being human traffickers. Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian chase after them on the motorcycle and are threatened and surrounded. Su Weian tries to offer money to buy the baby, but it's not nearly enough. The situation escalates as one of the men threatens Gu Yunzheng with a knife. Su Weian instinctively shields him and gets stabbed in the abdomen, bleeding profusely. As she loses consciousness, she mutters about her bag being in the car and how she can finally use it in a life-threatening situation.

Fortunately, they reach the hospital in time, and after a surgery by Dr. Xu, Su Weian makes it through the critical period. Gu Yunzheng anxiously waits outside the operating room. Suddenly, he remembers what Su Weian said and checks her bag, finding a stack of unexpected insurance policies. He has a faint suspicion that Su Weian might have a health issue. To confirm this suspicion, Gu Yunzheng decides to have a full-body examination for Su Weian.

Gu Yunzheng inquired about Su Weian's condition with Jiang Muying. However, in Jiang Muying's memory, Su Weian had always been healthy during her annual check-ups, and there was no family history of hereditary diseases. Despite this, Gu Yunzheng still found Su Weian's situation very peculiar and worried that she might be concealing an illness from others, leading to thoughts of self-destruction.

The next morning, when Su Weian woke up, her emotions were complex. She felt the joy of rebirth, but it was fleeting, followed by disappointment. When Dr. Xu came to check on her in the ward, he mentioned Gu Yunzheng's concern for Su Weian, which made her feel warm. However, Fang Mingfan noticed that both Gu Yunzheng and Jiang Muying had a subdued reaction to Su Weian's awakening, almost cold, which left him puzzled.

Not long after, Jiang Muying entrusted Fang Mingfan to give Su Weian her personal belongings. Even Gu Yunzheng secretly cared about her throughout, trying not to show it openly. Su Weian, upon knowing this, had Fang Mingfan run errands for her. In the middle of the night, Fang Mingfan sneaked into the female dormitory to turn off the fan for Jiang Muying, and during the day, he brewed the special coffee that Su Weian had left for Gu Yunzheng.

In the subsequent examination report, all indicators were extremely normal. Gu Yunzheng went to the ward to feed Su Weian medicine, pretending it was poison to fulfill her desire to die. Initially, Su Weian didn't believe him, but Gu Yunzheng's words were so convincing that she started to panic. To obtain the antidote, she had to admit that she still wanted to live.

Regarding this matter, Gu Yunzheng warned Su Weian that she should never entertain thoughts of self-destruction, no matter what happens in the future. He hoped she would take care of herself from now on and never devalue her own life. Jiang Muying stood quietly outside the room, listening to their conversation. She still had unresolved anger and, after entering the ward, talked to Su Weian about their student days. But she felt that Su Weian was growing more distant from her and decided to buy a plane ticket back to their home country in a while, without listening to Su Weian's explanations, before walking away.

Since Su Weian had been lying down for a long time, she wanted to get up and move around. Gu Yunzheng pushed her in a wheelchair to the ground floor to see the moonlight. Gu Yunzheng mentioned that he had met many cancer patients in the past. These people, even knowing that their lives were near the end, still remained optimistic and never thought of giving up their remaining short lives. Gu Yunzheng wanted to use this story to inspire Su Weian. They couldn't predict the future, but they should cherish the present's beauty and joy.

While they were talking, the baby's mother, Isabella, came to thank Su Weian and expressed her wish to take the baby to see the "Night Rainbow." After returning to the ward, Su Weian relayed Isabella's words. There was a local custom where mothers took their children to the "Night Rainbow" to pray for good luck, and the nearest place to see it was the village of Labai.

Upon hearing this, Gu Yunzheng seemed to be lost in thought and absentmindedly touched the beads on his bracelet. Su Weian noticed this small detail and was willing to go with him to Labai village to witness the "Night Rainbow" together. With Su Weian's renewed will to live, Gu Yunzheng and she made a promise to welcome the "Night Rainbow" together on that day.

Jiang Muying was still holding a grudge against Su Weian, and even when they ate together at the same table, they would find fault with each other. Su Weian realized that she shouldn't keep too many secrets and could understand Jiang Muying's feelings. She sincerely apologized to Jiang Muying, and gradually, Jiang Muying softened her stance and agreed to sit down peacefully for a hotpot meal.

Later, Su Weian gave Gu Yunzheng a small and exquisite banner that was specially made to express her gratitude. With Gu Yunzheng's company, Su Weian went out shopping for a new phone and intended to have Gu Yunzheng foot the bill, but Gu Yunzheng took her to a very cheap phone store unexpectedly.

Gu Yunzheng accompanied Su Weian to buy a phone, and the store clerk mistakenly thought they were a couple. However, he promptly nodded to acknowledge this relationship. After leaving the phone store, Gu Yunzheng set his number as Su Weian's emergency contact, with a special note "handsome guy," breaking away from his usual serious demeanor, which left Su Weian feeling both surprised and amused.

On their way back, Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian encountered human traffickers who had been severely beaten. Out of his responsibility as a doctor, Gu Yunzheng chose to provide medical treatment. He asked Su Weian to wait for him and then pushed the injured person in a wheelchair to the friendly hospital. He also had Fang Mingfan call the police while Su Weian promptly contacted Dr. Xu for surgery arrangements.

Later, Gu Yunzheng hurriedly returned to find Su Weian, only to discover that she was enjoying street drumming with others, creating a joyful and heartwarming atmosphere. He couldn't resist capturing a video on his phone. Since Gu Yunzheng had forgotten to bring the wheelchair, he carried Su Weian back. During this time, they communicated in French and Chinese, and Su Weian was surprised to learn that Gu Yunzheng even knew the word "boyfriend."

When Dr. Xu checked the ward and saw that Su Weian was in good condition, he sent her translation materials. Su Weian received an unexpected video invitation from Wen Ran, an old friend with a complicated relationship. Wen Ran intentionally showed affection with Du Yuncheng on camera. Du Yuncheng observed the French words behind Su Weian and seemed genuinely concerned as she was in La Carrière. However, Su Weian didn't want to hear Wen Ran's ambiguous words and decided to end the video call.

The friendly hospital organized doctors to provide free medical services in Labai village. Jiang Muying informed Su Weian about this, and considering that Jiang Muying might struggle with the entire translation task, Su Weian decided to accompany her. Early in the morning, Su Weian prepared breakfast for everyone and suggested that Gu Yunzheng should reimburse the cost, causing him to struggle to hide his amusement.

Jiang Muying couldn't stand the environment in Labai village and accidentally sprained her ankle. A young girl walked a long distance barefoot to the medical camp, hoping that Gu Yunzheng could help her mother. Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian carried the child to check on her mother and discovered that she had suffered a severe stroke and was unlikely to recover. Since the girl and her mother were each other's only family, Gu Yunzheng didn't reveal the harsh truth. Instead, he advised the girl to help her mother with rehabilitation exercises regularly, hoping that the love between them could create a miracle.

A sudden rainstorm forced Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian to take shelter in a cave. Gu Yunzheng personally tended to Su Weian's wound, but she was reluctant to lift her shirt, so, in her haste, she admitted that Gu Yunzheng was not only a doctor in her eyes but also a man. As the rain gradually subsided, Gu Yunzheng suggested they go find the "Night Rainbow." Indeed, they ventured through the forest and finally found something in front of a waterfall.

On a night with a full moon, a dark red and colorful rainbow hung in the sky, surrounded by fireflies, creating a beautiful and romantic scene. In this beautiful setting, Gu Yunzheng once again summoned the courage to hold Su Weian's hand and gave her a stone he had picked up by the river. The two of them couldn't resist and shared a passionate kiss.

On the other hand, Du Yuncheng realized that both Su Weian and Gu Yunzheng were in La Carrière, which made him increasingly uneasy. He sent messages to Su Weian without receiving any replies and resolutely decided to go to La Carrière to find her. Soon after, a major breakthrough occurred in the development of the new drug HDQ39. Mr. Wen expressed confidence in the Phase III clinical trial results.

Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian admired the Night Rainbow and continued to explore the forest for an exit. Su Weian felt that there were sounds nearby and discovered a snake underfoot, which startled her. They both rolled down a hill. Gu Yunzheng sprained his ankle, and with no cellphone signal, Su Weian had to support him while looking for a place to rest. Jiang Muying and Fang Mingfan couldn't contact the two and had to come out to search for them.

Fang Mingfan and Jiang Muying were walking through the woods. Even though there were unknown dangers ahead, he would never give up easily. In fact, Fang Mingfan had undergone surgery with a scalpel in his early years, which was the first surgery of his life and it resulted in the patient's death on the operating table.

Since then, Fang Mingfan had been plagued by guilt, and people around him mocked and ridiculed him. Only Gu Yunzheng still had hope for him. It was because of this that Fang Mingfan regained his composure and never thought that someone as legendary as Gu Yunzheng would pay special attention to him, helping him overcome his past.

Later, Gu Yunzheng chose to go to Rakaya for assistance, and Fang Mingfan decided to follow him instead of facing the criticism back in their home country. For a while, Fang Mingfan was curious why Gu Yunzheng chose him. Gu Yunzheng explained that he didn't want to see deserters and hoped that everyone would face their challenges bravely. After hearing Fang Mingfan's story, Jiang Muying believed that he would eventually be able to pick up the scalpel again.

Su Weian supported Gu Yunzheng in the woods, while she tried to find a way to contact the locals for rescue. Fortunately, she acted in a timely manner, and Gu Yunzheng managed to stay somewhat conscious. After they were brought back to a friendly hospital, Su Weian stayed by his side and took care of him diligently. Jiang Muying and Fang Mingfan observed this, wondering if the two of them had gone through an unforgettable day and night.

During the weekend, Su Weian made a video call to her mother, expressing her longing for her while concealing the fact that she didn't study in Paris. On the other hand, Gu Yunzheng's assistance work was about to end in two weeks, and Fang Mingfan asked about his plans. Gu Yunzheng had temporarily suspended his glioma research project before the assistance, and it had made no progress since then. If it continued like this, he wouldn't be able to secure research funding for the next year. In addition, there was a once-every-four-years young talent program, and Fang Mingfan was worried that if Gu Yunzheng didn't return, He Xiaoguang might take advantage of the situation. Gu Yunzheng didn't provide a clear answer, primarily because he was uncertain whether Su Weian would accompany him back to their home country.

At this moment, Su Weian came to visit Gu Yunzheng, and Fang Mingfan tactfully left them alone. Since the night they had confessed their feelings, Gu Yunzheng had considered Su Weian his girlfriend and often teased her without maintaining his serious and professorial image. On this day, Gu Yunzheng brought Su Weian over, looking somewhat pitiful as he claimed his foot hadn't fully healed, and he asked if she would take responsibility for it.

Su Weian had no idea about Gu Yunzheng's ulterior motives and asked him how he wanted her to help. However, Gu Yunzheng's next words left Su Weian surprised. He explained, in a medical manner, that kissing was beneficial for pain relief, so the best treatment was to kiss. Before Su Weian could react, Gu Yunzheng had already leaned in for a kiss. Su Weian quickly turned her head and found an excuse to leave the office.

Wen Ran messaged Du Yuncheng, suggesting that their father wanted to have dinner together on the weekend. Du Yuncheng had originally planned to go to Rakaya, but the HDQ39III clinical trial had started, and the board of directors wanted to hold a press conference to boost their stock price. They hoped that Du Yuncheng would attend. His assistant noticed his hesitation and convinced him to go, emphasizing that only his dedication to the project would determine the board's attitude and smooth out the funding process. After hearing this, Du Yuncheng had to cancel his flight.

Fang Mingfan shared Gu Yunzheng's attitude with Jiang Muying, mainly because they couldn't confirm Su Weian's thoughts. Su Weian, for once, asked Jiang Muying for advice on whitening methods. Jiang Muying eagerly informed her of the news that Gu Yunzheng might return to their home country, hinting that Su Weian should choose to go back for love.

The next morning, Gu Yunzheng used his long-unhealed foot as an excuse to drive Su Weian to find a local shaman, intending to have a romantic date with her. They had a thrilling experience riding a sandbike on the beach and went to see a bridge built by the Chinese. They promised each other to travel and see more beautiful landscapes in the future.

As night fell, Gu Yunzheng and Su Weian discovered that the mineral water in the back of the car had been replaced with alcohol by Fang Mingfan. They had no choice but to enjoy the night view while drinking. They couldn't help but share a deep and affectionate kiss, spending the night together in a tent. Su Weian woke up in Gu Yunzheng's arms, and the two of them enjoyed a particularly sweet and tender moment together.


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