Oscar (Wang Zhengxiong) Profile

On June 26, 2020, Oscar participated as a trainee in the variety show “We Are Young”. On February 17, 2021, he participated as a trainee in the “CHUANG 2021”. Stage Name: Oscar(奥斯卡)Birth Name: Wang Zhengxiong(王政熊)Birthday: July 30, 1998Nationality: BrazilZodiac Sign: LeoFandom Name: ANSWERWeibo: 创造营2021-奥斯卡 Facts He is a Brazilian-Chinese. In 2020, he participated in “We Are Young”. He Trained in CUBE …

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Chase Lee (Shi Qi) Profile

Chase Lee(Shi Qi, 十七) born on , in Chengdu, Sichuan, is a trainee of “Youth With You 3“. Stage Name: Chase Lee(十七)Birth Name: Li Zheng(李政)Birthday: January 6, 2002Place of Birth: Chengdu, SichuanHeight: 179cmWeight: 52kgZodiac Sign: CapricornBlood Type: –Weibo: 青春有你3-十七 His agent is HESONG ENTERTAINMENT. He is good at rap. Received the gold chain from Producer Kris Wu in “Rap of …

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Neil Liu Guanyou

Liu Guanyou (Neil) Profile

Liu Guanyou(Neil, 刘冠佑), born on May 14, 2002, in Taiwan, China, is a trainee of “Youth With You 3“. Basic Info Stage Name: NeilBirth Name: Liu Guanyou(刘冠佑)Birthday: May 14, 2002Place of Birth: Kaohsiung, TaiwanHeight: 172.5cmWeight: 50kgZodiac Sign: TaurusBlood Type: –Weibo: 青春有你3-刘冠佑 Facts His agent is H.Brother Haohan Entertainment. He trained for 3 years at Top Media in Korea. Former reserve member of …

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Caelan Moriarty Profile

Caelan Moriarty (モリアティー慶怜,庆怜) born in Cuba on April 12, 2001, is a singer and member of the Intersection. In 2018, with INTERSECTION released the group’s first single “Heart of Gold”, thus officially debuting. In 2021, he participated in the “CHUANG 2021“. Basic Info Stage Name: CaelanEnglish Name: Caelan MoriartyJapanese Name: (モリアティー慶怜Chinese Name: Qing Lian(庆怜)Birthday: April 12, 2001Place of …

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Kingston (Yi Xuan) Profile

Kingston (Yi Xuan, 亿轩) born on March 6, 1999, in Macao, China. In 2021, He participated in “Youth With You 3“. Basic Info Stage Name: Yi Xuan(亿轩)English Name: KingstonChinese Name: Zheng Junjie(郑军傑)Birthday: March 6, 1999Place of Birth: MacaoHeight: 177cmWeight: 57kgZodiac Sign: PiscesBlood Type: –Fandom Name: –Fandom Color: –Weibo: 青春有你3-亿轩 Facts His agent is Yao Xing Culture(YG China). Education: he studies …

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Duan Xingxing

Duan Xingxing (段星星) Profile

Duan Xingxing (X, 段星星) born on January 10, 1998, in Guizhou, China. In 2021, he participated in “Youth With You 3“. Basic Info Stage Name: XBirth Name: Duan Xingxing(段星星)Birthday: January 10, 1998Place of Birth: GuizhouHeight: 176cmWeight: 60kgZodiac Sign: CapricornBlood Type: BFandom Name: Shan Shan(Twinkled)Fandom Color: #980110Weibo: 青春有你3-段星星 Facts His agent is M.NATION. He comes from a single-parent family. He went to the …

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Sun Yinghao

Kachine (Sun Yinghao) Profile

Kachine (Sun Yinghao, 孙滢皓) born on June 6, 2000, in Inner Mongolia. In 2021, he participated in “Youth With You 3“. Basic Info Stage Name: KachineBirth Name: Sun Yinghao(孙滢皓)Nicknames: Sun Hanhan, Xian Zi, Sun Dalong, Sister SunBirthday: June 6, 2000Place of Birth: Inner MongoliaHeight: 180cmWeight: 52.5kgZodiac Sign: GeminiFandom Name: Xian Zi ErFandom Color: #9FD3ACWeibo: 孙滢皓Kachine His agent is Lao Yu Ying Hua. He is …

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Gan Wangxing

Gan Wangxing (甘望星) Profile

Gang Wangxing(甘望星), born on July 17, 2000, in Zhu Zhou, Hunan. In 2021, he participated in “CHUANG 2021“. Basic Info Stage Name: Gan WangxignChinese Name: Gang Wangxing(甘望星)Birthday: July 17, 2000Place Of Birth: Zhu Zhou, HunanHeight: 183cmWeight: 60kgZodiac Sign: CancerFandom Name: Wang Yuan Jing(Telescope)Weibo: 创造营2021-甘望星 Facts His agent is Yuxiao Media. Education: he studied at the Central South University of Forestry and …

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Luo Yizhou

Luo Yizhou (罗一舟) Profile

Luo Yizhou(罗一舟), born on March 16, 2000, in Yinchuan, Ningxia, is a Chinese Dancer. In 2021, he participated “Youth With You 3“. Basic Info Stage Name: Luo YizhouChinese Name: Luo Yizhou(罗一舟)Birthday: March 16, 2000Place Of Birth: Yinchuan, NingxiaHeight: 185cmWeight: 65.5kgZodiac Sign: PiscesFandom Name: Luobo ZhouFandom Color: #316316Weibo: 青春有你3-罗一舟 Facts His agent is Youhug Media. Family members: parents, younger sister, and he. He studied at …

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Deng Xiaoci

Deng Xiaoci (Jerome.D) Profile

Deng Xiaoci (Jerome.D,邓孝慈), born in Guizhou, China, on August 6, 1998, is a trainee of the “Youth with You Season 3“. Basic Info Stage Name: Deng Xiaoci(邓孝慈)English Name: Jerome.DBirthday: August 6, 1998Place Of Birth: GuizhouHeight: 183cmWeight: 65kgZodiac Sign: LeoFandom Name: LaughterFandom Color: Ice Porcelain BlueWeibo: iieao Basic Info His agent is RE Media. Education: he studied at Temple University, USA. He comes from a …

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