“CHUANG 2021“(Produce Camp 2021) is a variety show launched by Tencent Video. The program brings 90 trainees from different countries, agencies, and colleges, to form an international boy group. The show was aired on February 17, 2021. Chuang Series Groups: Rocket Girls 101, R1SE, Bonbon Girls 303. Similar Show: Youth With You 3 Official Account:Youtube: …

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Youth With You 3

Youth With You Season 3

Youth With You Season 3 is a Chinese boy group elimination reality show which was launched by iQiyi. The show introduced 119 trainees from different companies, who will be voted on by viewers. Youth With You 3 was aired on February 18, 2021. Youth With You Series Groups: NINE PERCENT, UNINE, The9. Official Wiebo: 爱奇艺青春有你 Similar …

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We Are Young

We Are Young

“We Are Young” is a competing reality show produce by China Mainland’s Youku and Taiwan’s ETtoday.On April 23, 2020, “We Are Young” officially announced its instructors, with Zhang Yixing(LAY), Guo Jingming, Hu Yanbin(Tiger Hu), Cheng Xiao, Jackson Yee and Han Yu confirmed to join.The program “We Are Young” aims to break the same of trainees, …

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youth with you 2

Youth With You Season 2

[YouthWithYou2] E01 Part I: Stages of Youth Producer KUN and Dance Mentor Lisa “Youth With You” is trending on iQIYI now with different subtitles~ The first part of E01 releases now!! Download iQIYI APP to enjoy FULL episode~ APP Link: 0


CHUANG2020 is a survival show produced by Tencent Video, dedicated to showcasing the girls’ confidence, bravery, hard work and youthful attitude. The program will gather more than a hundred students and let them grow and progress through tasks, training and tests under the guidance of the five star coaches, and eventually form a group. Office …

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