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The Glory of Youth – Li Yifeng, Chen Xingxu, Zhang Xinyu

The Glory of Youth is an army drama directed by Li Lu and Zhang Hanbing, led by Li Yifeng, Chen Xingxu, Zhang Xinyu, co-starring Xiao Yang, Duan Bowen, Dong Chunhui, Yu Zhen, Yu Bo, Wang Daqi and Fan Lei.

The drama is based on Feng Jie's novel "Glistening: After Graduation, Go to the Military", which tells the story of a group of college students who join the military and under the leadership and inspiration of skilled veterans, undergo both physical and mental trials and eventually grow and transform into "ace buglers" of the Chinese rocket army.


The Glory of Youth

English Title: The Glory of Youth
Chinese Title: 号手就位
Genre: Military, Friendship, Youth
Tag: Music, Competition, Soldier Male Lead, Nice Male Lead, Student, Army
Episodes: 49
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Lu, Zhang Hanbing
Writer: Ying Liangpeng, Zu Ruomeng, Feng Jie, Xue Tianzhi
Producer: Duan Yan, Zhang Bohui, Yin Xiangjin, Xie Ying, Li Shuang
Released Date: 2021-04-13
Broadcast Website: Idol & Romance



The four roommates of the same university and the same dormitory are the romantic Xia Zhuo, the rocket army second-generation Ouyang Jun, the handsome man of the old district Lin Anbang and the slovenly guy Yi Zimeng (played by Dong Chunhui), who became a college student soldier of the rocket army with their different purposes.

When they first see the troops deep in the Daxinganling Mountains, they develop remorse.

In the future days, Xia Zhuo and the others also gradually realize that in the Rocket Army, only soldiers of ten years or more are qualified to be called soldiers. Soldiers of twenty years or more are qualified to be called veterans. Those with more than twenty-five years are collectively called “cellaring”.

Face with various skills and different years of “aged veterans”, the budding of new forces and the veterans, there is an inevitable confrontation.

Under the great difference between dreams and reality and the help of veterans, they gradually understand the word “soldier” with their youth and take up the majesty of “the base of a great nation”.


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