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The Eight – Ou Hao, Tan Songyun

The Eight is a legendary drama directed by Liu Tan and Yang Shu, led by Ou Hao, Tan Songyun, and Wang Zixuan, with special appearances by Qin Lan, Jin Shijie, Xiu Qing, Tan Kai, Li Guangfu, and Cao Kefan.

The drama is based on the serialized novel of the same name by iQiyi. It tells the story of Hua Minchu, a student returning from overseas, who accidentally meets a group of strange people who call themselves the Eight Monsters and becomes their leader by mistake, and begins to run for the dissolution of the Eight Monsters and the search for the right track.


The Eight

English Title: The Eight
Chinese Title: 民初奇人传
Genre: Suspense, Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Youth
Tag: Chinese Republican Era, Martial Arts, Nice Male Lead, Love Triangle, Smart Male Lead, Betrayal
Episodes: 34
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Liu Tan, Yang Shu
Writer: Lin Laogou, Qing Mei
Producer: Bian Jiang, Dong Xiaokang, Ma Zhanyou
Product Company: iQIYI
Released Date: 2020-06-12
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



In the early years of the Republic of China, the Jianghu artists, represented by grandfather Ba Xian, were determined to keep the secret of a thousand-year-old treasure, but they were struggling to make a living, hoping to change their lives and live like ordinary people.

However, the warlords, led by Fang Yuanji, were interested in the secret of the treasure and persecuted them by all means.

Hua Minchu, a student returning from overseas, came from a wealthy family, but had a heart for the suffering of the people, and wanted to serve his country and prosper.

On the train back to China, he accidentally got involved in a conspiracy by Fang Yuanji and eventually joined forces with the artists to fight against the conspirators' shocking deception.

What was more surprising to artists is that in the process, Hua Minchu led the group of Jianghu artists to escape from the existing rigid rules and shackles and found a better way out, living an ordinary life.


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