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The Departure – Huang Lu, Zhao Shuzhen

The Departure is a drama film directed by Gao Jianguo, starring Huang Lu and Zhao Shuzhen.

The film tells the story of a female dancer with cancer who travels to Manshan Island to seek medical treatment, and the twists and turns she experiences with three other women on the island.


The Departure

English Title: The Departure
Chinese Title: 海湾之遇
Genre: Drama, Life
Duration: 90 min.
Director: Gao Jianguo
Writer: Gao Jianguo
Producer: Wang Yun, Chen Ronghua, Wang Lujie
Released Date: 2023-03-08
Boradcast Website: -



A dancer with cancer, an Alzheimer's patient whose memory is still stuck 30 years ago, a rebellious 13-year-old girl who is not getting along well with her stepmother, and an island teacher who lost her son unexpectedly, meet on Manshan Island and experience together, and finally realize that everyone has to face their own problems.


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