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SING – Ye Sheng Ge(夜笙歌)

Ye Sheng Ge – Official Music Video

Ye Sheng Ge – Official Music Video Dance Ver.

Ye Sheng Ge – Dance Practice Video

Single Name: Ye Sheng Ge(夜笙歌)(Night Song)
Singer: SING
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date: 2017-09-26
Label: Qigu Culture
Type: Single
Lyricist: Li Maoyang (T2o)
Composer: Li Maoyang (T2o)
Arranger: Ji Cuixi(G-Tracy)
OP: QIGU Culture
Instruction: SING’s new single “Ye Sheng Ge” is released. The song depicts the scene of a party for ethnic minorities in the southwest China, the bamboo sea under the moon, the songs echoing, the fishing fires on the river reflecting the stars, young girls and teenagers looking at each other in the crowd, hoping to convey each other’s feelings through the song.
In this new song, SING innovates and strives to break through, mixing the southwest minority elements with EDM music, adding a new connotation to the “electronic Chinese style”, adding Lusheng and other ethnic instruments in the arrangement, mixing hip-hop rhythms and ethnic colors. The members of the group are trying their folk singing for the first time in the song, hoping to overturn the public’s preconceived notion of a “girl group” and “Chinese music”.
Besides, the costume of “Ye Sheng Ge”, which was first revealed with the new song, is a clever combination of fashion and ethnic elements, which can be said the SING’s audio-visual upgrade.
The songs were first released in Taiwan and gained a good reputation, and this mainland version has been more carefully polished, which is expected to propel SING to another sublimation in C-pop music after “To The Moon”.

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