2023 Chinese Drama List

Mr. Fighting – Deng Lun, Ma Sichun

Mr. Fighting is an urban romantic comedy directed by Liu Xin, starring Deng Lun, Ma Sichun, Han Tongsheng, and Ni Hongjie.

Based on the novel "Jia You, Ni Shi Zui Pang De / 加油,你是最胖的" by Ji Guang, the drama tells the story of several ordinary people who struggle through setbacks and struggle together to find a home and become "a better version of themselves".


Mr. Fighting

English Title: Mr. Fighting
Chinese Title: 加油,你是最棒的
Genre: Romance, Life, Comedy, Drama
Tag: Competition, First Love, Love/Hate Relationship, Nice Male Lead, Heartbreak, Enemies to Lovers
Episodes: 45
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Liu Xin
Writer: Ji Guangguang, Lu Sensen
Producer: Li Xiao
Product Company: Huace, ASTRO
Released Date: 2019-07-31
Broadcast Website: Huace, Viki, AsianCrush



Hao Zeyu, a talent show artist, made his official debut ten years ago, but ten years later the "bubble" has faded and he has become a has-been.

A middle-aged girl, Niu Meili, an unemployed young man, Fat Fu Zi, and a taxi driver, Fu Zi's father, form an "agency" and intend to make Hao Zeyu a hit.

An accidental incident brings Hao Zeyu popularity, but also a series of turmoil.

The "temporary family" formed by these people falls apart in a tangle of interest, affection, and love.

Hao Zeyu, who has gradually lost, realized that the best self is not success and glory, but dignity, responsible, and courage.

After shedding his pomp and circumstance, Hao Zeyu finally grows up and gains love.


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