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Love of Nirvana – Ren Jialun, Landy Li

Love of Nirvana is a historical wuxia romantic drama directed by Zhou Jingtao, Qi Xiaohui, and Liang Baoquan, led by Ren Jialun, Landy Li, and Xu Zhengxi, co-starring Gao Han, Zhang Yaqin, Zhao Huawei, Zhu Yuanbing, Xu Ruihao, Ye Xiaowei, with Zhang Fengyi, Wen Zhengrong, and Tao Xinran, Yao Chi, Ji Xiaobing, and Cao Feiran.

Based on Xiao Lou's novel of the same name, the drama tells the story of Xiao Wuxia, the young city lord of Moonfall City, who has been lurking in the Liang Kingdom under the name of Wei Zhao for many years, and bears the reputation of being a sycophant. In order to find out the truth of his family's murder, Wei Zhao tries to take captive the only living witness in the case back then, but his own carefully laid plans are ruined by the sudden appearance of a young girl, Jiang Ci. Pei Yan takes the opportunity to bring the seriously injured Jiang Ci into his house in order to find the "saboteur" behind the scene. The three of them, each with their own agenda, have a love-hate relationship with their family and country between Daliang and Moonfall.


Love of Nirvana

English Title: Love of Nirvana
Chinese Title: 流水迢迢
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama, Wuxia
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhou Jingtao, Qi Xiaohui, Liang Baoquan
Writer: Xiao Lou, Li Na, Zhang Yang
Producer: Liu Xu, Guo Jiangxi
Product Company: TencentVideo
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



Xiao Wuxia, the young master of the Moonfall City, endures humiliation and infiltrates the Liang Kingdom for many years under the alias Wei Zhao, bearing the blame of a slanderous minister.

To uncover the truth about his family from years ago, Wei Zhao attempts to abduct the sole survivor of the case involving Prince Qi, but his carefully laid plan is disrupted by the sudden appearance of a girl named Jiang Ci.

Seizing the opportunity, Pei Yan takes the severely injured Jiang Ci into his residence in hopes of finding the behind-the-scenes "saboteur."

Jiang Ci, moved by Wei Zhao's tragic background and the righteous cause, develops feelings for him amidst their interactions. In the end, Wei Zhao, Jiang Ci, and Pei Yan set aside personal grievances and unite against the Liang Emperor Xie Che, achieving the desire to protect Moonfall City and establish a peaceful world.


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