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Is Pu Tao Ji Xiaobing’s Girlfriend? Did He Get Married?

Ji Xiaobing

Who is Ji Xiaobing‘s Girlfriend? Recently, Ji Xiaobing’s new drama “The Trick Of Life and Love” is in hot air. Ji Xiaobing has been in showbiz as an actor for about 10 years. He is always low-key, so netizens are very curious about his love life.


Is Ji Xiaobing’s girlfriend Pu Tao?

Pu Tao

It is known that Ji Xiaobing and Pu Tao worked together on “The Fox’s Summer” previously. At the press conference of the drama, Ji Xiaobing introduced Pu Tao straightly: “This is My Girlfriend”.

While Pu Tao also generous admitted, she was very considerate to organize Ji Xiaobing’s clothes. It looked like they were in a relationship.

The fact is that Ji Xiaobing said this with the identy of the lead role of the drama, they played a couple in “The Fox’s Summer”. But drama fans who have seen this video thought that Ji Xiaobing and Pu Tao were in a relationship.

Actually, they are just friends. They did not seem to interact with each other more after the drama aired. It seems that the emotions of the play made the audience think that they were in love!

Who is Ji Xiaobing’s wife?

Ji Xiaobing

There were also rumors that Ji Xiaobing has been married. It was said his wife is not from the acting circle.

However, It was proved that Xiao Bing did not get married, he has no wife.

Why the marriage rumors were circulating on the net? The fact is that a fan claiming to be Ji Xiaobing’s “wife” made netizens believed her mistakenly.

It is reported that Ji Xiaobing is a native of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. He is a graduate of the Beijing Film Academy. Yang Mi and Yuan Shanshan are his classmates.

He has appeared in many works such as “Legend of Goddess Luo”, “The Fox’s Summer”, “S.C.I” and “Here to Heart”.

Ji Xiaobing

Till now, Ji Xiaobing has not announced any girlfriend. He may be still single. Let’s pay more attention to his works!

Have you followed “The Trick Of Life And Love”, starred Ji Xiaobing, Jin Moxi?

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